A brave, new world…

Here it is, my very first post.  Very exciting and I feel a little explaining is in order.  My blog falls under the category of “funny, stylish, mom blog” — a category that does not actually exist.  In our culture, moms fall somewhere in between “halfway house resident” and “high school guidance counselor” on the “Who’s got style” chart.  And is this funny to us moms?  No, not at all.

This is where that all changes.

Mom_Fashion_Jeans This year I’m going to leave my mom jeans behind.  Here’s what I look like pretty much every day.  Look how the blues and grays blend so seamlessly together.  So chic!  But starting today, January 1st, I will be in search of my style.  Each month I will completely inhabit one look and by the end of that month I will definitely know if the style worked for me or not.

So the look I am embracing for January is —



Appropriate?  Definitely not.  Practical for the park?  If the name of the park is “Def Leopard” Toddler play zone.   Grocery store friendly?  Only if I’m buying liquor…

Please join me on my adventure.  I hope it will be good.  I know it will be bad.  But I’ve got to leave behind the ugly.


Comments? Fire away.