A little something to make you feel better…

I like to hear about things that make me feel less insane.   My life is crazy enough without having to look through a magazine and read about some perfect mom who has an amazingly organized and clean home and runs a successful stay-at-home business all while homeschooling her four genius children.  The only way I’d be interested in a story like that is if the woman had a drinking problem.  Then I’d tape the magazine to my fridge as a cautionary tale to avoid perfection.

Stories that set the bar too high for the rest of us only cause bitter self-reflection and nagging questions like, “What am I doing so wrong?”

But sometimes you hear a great story that puts a spring in your step all day.  See, I feel a little crazy when I think about how I sleep every night.  My husband and I start out with just the two of us and by morning our bed looks like this – Kids Bedlike we’re trying to win some Japanese game show about how many things can fit on a bed before it collapses.

Then I read about a woman who found a baby deer and raised it as a pet in her house.   The deer even sleeps in bed with her and the only inconvenience being she has to put up with hooves in her back all night.Woman Bed Deer

That story made me feel better about my sleeping situation.

I went to the grocery store dressed like this today –  Holly Driveway

It was wrong.  No one needed to see me dressed like that.  But I hope it makes you feel less insane.


  • Rosemary Cabe says:

    If you rode your Harley to the grocery store, where did you put your groceries ? Weren’t you cold ?

  • martiniwinecountry says:

    …reminds me of an article i read in The Atlantic a few months back “Why Women still can’t have it All” ….good read. not a whole lot of answers. it made me shrug my shoulders and make myself a martini.

    great outfit by the way.

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