Cheese and a moment’s hesitation…

Rock and Roll — Day 15

Augie's handsThere have been times in my life where I’ve been able to see the future and not in a scary “Mayan Calendar” kind of way.  But in small, hopeful ways like when you suddenly know everything is going to be okay.  Like the night I met my husband.  I remember talking with him in a coffee shop until the wee hours of the morning and thinking, Wow, here’s my personI can’t believe I’m talking to my person.

Yesterday, our 3-year-old son, August, took the remaining bits of his cheese and apples snack and shoved it into a full glass of milk, causing the concoction to overflow volcano-like on his lap and then cascade onto the kitchen floor.  Having successfully completed his experiment, August looked for something to wipe his hands on.  I was the natural and obvious choice.  After all, I was close by cleaning up the mess and I was already muttering angrily, so why not add to mommy’s day?Augie Eye Cover

So he leaned over, hands spread and coated in a wet, cheesy shine and then stopped.   I looked up at this point and saw that August was looking at my outfit.   Holly WalkingApparently, he noticed I was wearing something different than my usual “wacky homeless lady” garb and this gave him pause.  I froze.  He froze.  We just stood there staring at each other watching his afternoon snack congeal on his hands.

Dr. Phil says, “We teach people how to treat us.”  And as a mom, I think I’ve taught my kids how to treat my clothes.  I never cared about them, so why should they?

The moment passed and then August quickly wiped his hands all over my nice, new outfit.  After all, he’s three, for god’s sakes.  But in that moment there was hope.  In that moment, I saw my future.

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