Finally, jewelry your kids can’t break.

0104HollyR&RTwo out of three of my kids are boys — boys that like to throw things, knock things over and break things all in the name of science.  So from very early on, my boys have yearned for an answer to one perplexing question — how hard does one need to pull on mommy’s jewelry before it breaks off of her and she completely loses it?

Babies and toddlers terrorize jewelry to the point that most moms just stop wearing jewelry.  It’s one of the nails in our fashion coffins.  By the time they grow out of this phase, we’ve gotten out of the habit of putting on jewelry and the only thing that will ever hang on our necks again is a pair of bifocals with a whimsical rainbow chord.  Well, I’ve finally found jewelry that is baby-proofed — and it’s all rock and roll.

Rock and roll jewelry is sturdy and chunky.  Sometimes it’s leather and sometimes it’s studded and most of the time it’s pretty cheap.  You will never hear someone say, “I bought the best skull ring at Tiffany.”  My daughter got my skull ring from a vending machine for a quarter.  I got this necklace for five dollars at a thrift store and my three year old son, August, is more than happy to demonstrate it’s durability.

Here’s the necklace…

August holding bracelet

Here’s August biting the necklace…


And here’s August trying really hard to pull the necklace off.

August ripping necklace

So today the jewelry discovery more than made up for the fact that my rock and roll clothes were once again way too tight for my mental and physical comfort level and I was wearing white studded boots and not headed to a rodeo…

BootsMaybe rock and roll style has more to offer moms than I thought…


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