Looking cheap has never been so easy…

The month of January is drawing to a close, which means my time of muffin-topping over a pair of skinny jeans is almost over.  In these last few days of my rock and roll style, I thought I’d share with you the outfits that have worked for me as a mom… and some other outfits that I’d like to throw into a fire and dance around the flames as the toxic smell of faux leather pants rises to the heavens.Holly_Augie_Snoopy

Yesterday, I wore this to go ice-skating with my kids – The pants were too tight and the shirt was too short.  I felt like a bloated seal on the ice hoping a rogue whale would put me out of my misery.  Also, I didn’t factor in how rented beige ice skates would look with my outfit as I was getting dressed in the morning, something I will now have to consider for next fly fishing season.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





This look totally worked for me as a mom and If you want to try rock and roll style, playing it a little safe, but with some edge, keeping cost in mind and never having to leave your home to buy it, this just might be the outfit for you!


Black over the knee boots – essential to rock and roll style.  Try the Type Z Flo boots from Zappos – They aren’t too expensive and they’re flat so you can chase after your children and actually catch them.

White stretchy t-shirt – I chose the Michael Stars website for this because all of the shirts are “one size fits most” which eliminates some of the guesswork.  Also, if you don’t want white, he’s got metallic, red, gold – tons of bold rock and roll colors.   These shirts aren’t cheap, but they are great quality and you can throw them in the wash.  I’ve had some of my Michael Stars shirts for years, even the baby and toddler years, which is like a shirt making it through a war.

Skinny jeansTarget has them cheap, lots of sizes and different colors.   Go for black.

Studded black belt – The cheapest one I found online was at Express.com for 14.99.

Military-style wool coat – I love my military coat.  It’s one of my favorite things of all the rock and roll pieces – It’s long enough to cover my butt, goes with everything and it’s wool, rather than leather so if I’m wearing leather boots with it I don’t look like I’m having a midlife crisis and I’ve joined a biker gang.  Zappos makes one by Nautica…

Hey, the worst thing that happens is that you hate the outfit, return it, re-gift it to a slutty friend or consign it.  The best thing that happens is your sweatpants stay at home for the day and you walk out the door headed in a whole new direction.


Comments? Fire away.