The End of Rock and Roll…

Mom_Fashion_Rock_TrampolineThe month of January is gone and so are all pretenses I’ve ever had of the notion I could be cool if I only dressed cool.  With a mixture of pride and shame, I will now share my discoveries.

Ten things I’ve learned about Rock and Roll Style…

10.  Giant Stevie Nicks-like bell sleeves should not be worn while using a hot stove.

9.  It’s a slippery slope between rock fashion and pirate fashion –– just ask Johnny Depp.

8.  Wearing Rock and Roll clothes does not make listening to “Elmo Sings the ABCs” any easier…

7.  Black, wool, military coats are more effective at picking up pet hair than lint rollers.

6.  If you want the weird dad at the park to talk to you, wear a black pencil skirt.

5.  Faux leather pants really put zing into any clothesline.

4.  Three-year-olds can render a powerful wedgie if you’re wearing thong underwear.

3.  Skinny jeans get more comfortable once you’ve had them on a while and lost all circulation in your legs.

2.  Crazy high heels should only be worn in a sitting position.

1.  Children will not listen to any adult wearing cheetah pants.

Thanks for all your support this month.  I can’t wait to start my new look tomorrow, which will be……????


Comments? Fire away.