The Unnerving Road to a New Look…

Mom_Fashion_Rock_RollI will be changing styles in two days to something brand new, something so mind blowing, something the world has never seen before…

Actually, I’m just switching a bunch of random clothes to a bunch of different random clothes, which for your average fashionista, I’m guessing is probably easy, it might even be considered fun.  But for me, a humble, struggling fashionless person, it’s like being hustled to a new country when I was just getting used to the first country.  But wait, I was just starting to learn the language…  I was just starting to find my way around

All week long, I’ve been going to consignment stores trying to find the “essential pieces” for my next look… while still trying to embody the rock and roll look… while shopping with my kids so I’ve been able to find maybe a single sock to bring home for my next style.

Moms are the greatest multi-taskers around, so I thought I could handle this switch without a problem, but it’s been a nightmare.  I think I’m just really good at multi-tasking for everyone, but me.  Sure, I can clean the house while on the phone to the kung fu school while feeding my kids a snack, but can I buy a second set of clothes for myself while wearing the first set?  No way.  Smoke starts pouring out of my ears.  My brain short-circuits and suddenly I hear an automated voice inside me saying, you should be doing laundry, you should be helping out at the school, you should be reading books on how to make your children eat more vegetables and become happy, adult geniuses… 

I am struggling with my style switch because it’s so much bigger than just a style switch.  I am actually moving countries.  I used to live full time in this country called All about Them and now I’m just moved to a country called, Me on Occasion.  I don’t know the language or any of the customs, but I’ve heard the shopping is great.


  • beachmama says:

    This look suits you to a tee! Bet your husband likes you a teensy bit more wearing this outfit ; )

  • Alison says:

    Years were sponsored by corporations in the novel Infinite Jest, e.g. “Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment.” =)

    • Alison says:

      Whoops, that was supposed to be in reply to the post where you said we don’t have names for the 2000’s. I blame it on my toddler and my 4 inch screen.

  • Megan says:

    I love it Holly, I really want to go shopping with you. Can’t dress my own self the way I would really like to, because I’m too fatty, picky, feel of fabric challenged.
    Friends of mine have received clothes from me on a regular basis and end up loving them. There is a stylist living inside me, so don’t be surprised if I guess your size.

    • myyearoffabulous says:

      I would love to shop with you. And, you already have a style — rock and roll — and you always look great.

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