Are you going somewhere?

Euro chic/Day 28

Mom_Fashion_Merry_Go_RoundThat is the question I have most often received during the month of Euro chic.  Are you going somewhere?  People take one look at how dressed up I am at whatever non-dressy place I am and quickly assume this must not be my last stop.  Surely, after the park, she’s off to cocktails with the President…

Euro chic is a powerful look.  It demands respect by way of silk, cashmere and super pointy heels.  Wearers of this look beware – you will not go unnoticed.  You will be treated as better.  You will no longer just walk into a room — you will sweep into it.  And no matter where you go in this look, you will be thought of as the person in charge.

Mom_Fashion_Euro_HorseshoeThis look was so healing for me because no one treats moms with any respect.  We’re just these lumpy, stain-covered beings with little crying creatures hanging on us.  Most of the time we’re ignored and if we’re not ignored, we’re criticized.  Your baby needs a hat.  How many of us have heard that one from a stranger?  No “hello”.  No “You’re doing a great job.”  No “I’ll watch your kids if you’d like a nap.”   Just, “Let me point out something you don’t need to hear right now.”

Mom_Fashion_PorchI’ve always assumed moms were treated this way because our society just doesn’t value the job we’re doing.  But that is only part of the problem.  The other part lies within us.  I don’t treat myself with respect so why should anyone else?  I skip meals or just eat whatever is left over and half-eaten on my kids’ plates.  I barely shower and dress like I permanently have the flu and I never, ever take time for myself to do something as simple as go on a walk or even read a magazine.

Mom_Fashion_ChevyI ignore myself, so society is just taking a cue from me.  I know this is true because the Euro chic mom is never ignored.  By simply changing my clothes, I not only changed the way I am treated by the world, but I changed the way I treat myself.  If I can take the time to look decent, I can also take the time to eat.  And sit.  And breathe…  What a positively European concept.

So when someone says to me, “Are you going somewhere?”  I say this:  Yes, I’m going everywhere.  I’m here.



  • Vildy says:

    Just to say that I discovered your blog accidentally – Could I be euro chic perhaps? :D – and have been going back through the whole thing – you are howlingly funny – saying just what’s on everyone’s mind, only funnier. And the dressed up pig’s pretty good, too!

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Hey, thanks! So glad you found my blog and commented also! Hogan (our pig) does rock a scarf, I must say… and glasses!

  • Jen in MN says:

    I LOVE THIS. Love your takeaway from the Euro month. Very inspiring!

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