Euro chic for all…

Euro Chic/Day 9

Every month I am featuring one of our pets in the style of that month.  This serves two purposes – One, I don’t have to take yet another picture of myself smiling into the camera while feeling self-conscious, strange and silly all at the same time.  And the other, larger purpose – I love to dress up animals.  I’ve done it all my life and I know my future as a very old lady will include putting hats on squirrels and making items of clothing for creatures that don’t really need or want them, like say, a vest for a cow.   I can picture it already.  God, I can’t wait to be old!

Today’s spotlight shines on our dog, Evelyn.  We adopted her five years ago from a shelter that found her living in a Walmart parking lot in Salinas, California.


Clearly, like most of us, Evelyn was searching for her own style, but shopping in all the wrong places.  She looks very chic in her Jones of New York scarlet scarf and she’s definitely going to be the “dog to hump” at the dog park later today.

Buoyed by my success with Evelyn’s look, I couldn’t stop myself when it came to trying to make our other animals just as fabulous.  I’m not sure I was quite as successful…



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