Hey, I actually liked an outfit…

Euro Chic/Day 23

I am proud to say I really liked what I had on yesterday.  This month I have worn things technically more Euro chic, but technically less me.   I felt like I balanced those two worlds with this outfit –


it might not be chic enough to wear to Cannes, but I felt fabulous taking my kids to kung fu in it.

Here’s the low down:

David Kahn jeans – 40.00, consignment

I.N.C. t-shirt – on sale, Macys, 15.00

Cheetah belt – thrift, 4.00

Sweater – consignment – 12.00

Brown leather booties – on sale, Macys – 19.99

Pearls – gift, free!

That makes a grand total of…  somewhere around a hundred dollars.  I’ve never been great at math, but who cares?  I’m finally getting better at fashion!

Oh, and I have one question.  What are these things?


You know, those plastic loop things you find in some shirts?  Are you supposed to cut them off after you buy the shirt or do you keep them in to help the shirt stay on the hanger at home?  And if so, how do you put the plastic loops on the hanger so that it actually helps?  I kept these loops on yesterday as I wore the shirt and they were super annoying… like I had ants in my shirt.  And they weren’t chic ants either.


  • Bo says:

    I do believe those plastic loops are so your shirt doesn’t get all stretched out by the hangers. I hate the shirts that are slouchy on top and don’t have those loops… you try and hang them up and they constantly are sliding off the hanger. How else would you store that shirt if you cut those loops off?

    • myyearoffabulous says:

      I don’t like those shirts that are always sliding off the hangers off. I got these kind of “furry” hangers and they help. Maybe they didn’t start off furry. Maybe it’s just dog hair…

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