I’ve never been more dressed up to buy powdered sugar…

Euro Chic/Day 24

Normally, on a Sunday morning, if I had to run to the grocery store to buy just one thing, I’d remain in my pajamas to do so.  I would have blended in seamlessly with these Walmart shoppers.

But those days are long gone.  I had to make cookies for my daughter’s Brownie troop yesterday and we were missing powdered sugar.  I quickly looked through my closet and assessed that I had absolutely nothing clean to wear except a pair of black silk pants, a burgundy top, a plaid jacket and three inch heels


… So that is what I wore… to buy powdered sugar… at nine o’clock on a Sunday morning…to the grocery store…

And I actually felt good about it.  I know the powdered sugar appreciated it and although most of the shoppers remained immersed in their own slow pursuits of Velveeta and buffalo wings, some definitely gave me the look…   You know the look I’m talking about – the one that says either, “Yo go girl” or “Yo go girl straight to the nearest mental health facility”…  depending on how you want to interpret their interpretation of my outfit.

Either way, I felt a world of possibilities open up to me.  After all, I’m always running to the grocery store for some forgotten item and shopping is simply more fun dressed in inappropriately fancy clothes.  What will I wear to buy butter?  Basmati rice perhaps deserves a themed outfit.   And, of course, I can’t wait to rock the dog food aisle…


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