Parade of shoes…

Euro Chic/Day 26

No Euro chic outfit is complete without an awesome pair of shoes and I did my best this month to strictly adhere to this rule no matter how much the shoes hurt or how inappropriate they were for what I happened to be doing at the time… like say, pointy cheetah heels chasing children at the park.  One might think that the cheetah aspect of the shoe would make me quicker on my feet, but sadly no, I only sunk in the sand and looked stupid.

Here are all the shoes I got for my Euro chic month and my feelings about them:


Cheetah heels – Marshalls, 19.99 — I only wore these twice – once to a party where I stood the whole time and was keenly aware that my shoes were slowly squeezing all the blood out of my feet.  The other time was to volunteer in my daughter’s classroom where I got bewildered stares from other parent volunteers.  But, they are so cute I just might keep them.


Brown leather booties, Macys, on sale, 24.00, I wore these a lot.  Cute, comfortable and great with pants or jeans.  Definite keepers.


Black leather boots – thrift store, 15.00 — I wore these a lot simply because they were the only black shoe I had.  Strangely squared at the toe and with a towering heel, these were not winners.  Also, the part of the boot that went up my leg was unusually tight, so I couldn’t bend my ankles at all while sitting.  Therefore, I always had to stretch my legs out in front of me like I was recovering from double knee surgery.  These are going to consignment heaven.


Metallic ballet flats — Marshalls, 14.99, So cute, yet so horribly painful.  These shoes hurt more than all the other shoes combined.  Ballet flats are versatile and I definitely want to get some more, but these little babies I’m going to donate to a Spanish Inquisition exhibit.


Suede logo flats – Macy’s, 30.00 — By far the most comfortable of all my shoes, but also unfortunately, the least chic.  I couldn’t figure out a way to make them look hip, probably because there isn’t a way to make them look hip.  I think I will consign these or maybe put them away for forty years and break them out when they match my walker.


High heeled Oxfords — Marshalls, 24.00 — I love these shoes and got the most compliments in them.  Strangers would stop me on the street to ogle and investigate them. I’m considering being buried in them.

I’m really glad I forced myself to wear fancy shoes every day this month because I not only got used to wearing a heel (which isn’t as bad as I feared) but it really broke me of my habit of wearing really disgusting shoes out in public.  Like these –


Last year, I would have worn these shoes to a wedding and now I can see them for what they really are – filthy, man-ish shoes that make my feet look fat as slugs and should only be worn on special occasions like unloading brush at the dump.

As a mom, I discovered the great thing about nice shoes is they don’t get as messed up as nice clothes.  Young children rarely sneeze on your shoes and so it’s a safe bet if you want to chic-up your wardrobe without fear of the new, chic item getting ruined instantly.

So give it a try.  I highly encourage you to shop for a pair of shoes that you would never, ever, ever, normally even look at and buy them.  Who knows?  It could be your first step to a whole new you…



  • Juniper says:

    Yay! I’m loving reading through your year-of-fabulous (thanks to aintnomomjeans)!

    As a mom of five (ages 2 weeks to 9 years) who also lives on a farm (and home schools), I decided this was “My Year” it all started last summer when I bought three pairs of patent leather high heels for my 30th birthday and ran my first 5k (though, not neccessarily in that order).

    Thanks for letting us inside your closet for this wild and fabulous ride!

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      No Way! You have five kids and you’re doing all that? And homeschooling and exercising! I am amazed and so impressed. You go girl! Thanks for commenting.

  • mirmtrog says:

    When I saw the suede loafers I thought, “Hey! I actually like those! Maybe I COULD pull off Euro-chic.” Then I read on, and realized that some of us were not meant to be Euro-anything. Except Euro-sad. (Single tear)

    • myyearoffabulous says:

      You are Euro-something. You are an ex-pat living in Paris! That beats my Euro-thrift-store clothes any day! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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