The vital importance of scarf knowledge…

Euro Chic/Day 14

So far, through out my clothing experiment, I find myself wishing that I would have done just a little more outfit research before going out into the world in something new, untested and embarrassing.  But the truth is, I just don’t have the time to practice putting on different outfits like I’m some grown up, out of shape Barbie doll – our mornings are busy enough already.  Therefore, picking out what I’m going to wear for the day is done entirely in my head as I make school lunches.  Then I have to get my kids awake, dressed and fed which leaves me approximately four seconds to take a shower and get dressed myself before we’re late for school… again.

And, as the case seems to be day after day, the outfit I “imagined” wearing actually looks insane on me and so I then must desperately rifle through my closet looking for another outfit while my kids stare at me slack-jawed, coats on, lunch boxes in hand.  On the bright side, it is so nice for my children to have one of the last imagines before a long day at school be of their mother wild-eyed and angrily muttering to herself while wearing a thong.

This brings me to today’s topic – I don’t know how to tie a scarf.  I mean, I can tie a scarf around my neck so that it doesn’t fall off, I’m not that simple, but how to tie a scarf to make it look chic?  I have no idea.  I wore this untested outfit yesterday –


To me, this is very “Welcome to Enterprise Rent-a-Car.  Can I help you?”  So I tried to dress it up with a scarf –


Much better.  And it would have been a lot better if I had researched how to tie a scarf before the day was over.  No matter.  I have since looked it up and here’s what I’ve discovered so far – People on the internet are obsessed with showing other people on the internet how to tie scarves.  I’ve never seen so much information pop up on a single subject.  It bordered on unnerving.  Out of the myriad of sites, I liked this one in particular because of it’s title, “15 Chic and Creative ways to tie a Scarf”.  It’s easy, informative, fun and wonderfully, mindlessly time consuming.  Hours have passed, I’m pretty sure school is over and my kids are waiting for me, something in the oven is burning and I just saw my three year old walk by with a Swiss Army knife, but I have more pressing matters at hand.   After all, this scarf isn’t going to tie itself.


  • H Wise says:

    I can really relate to this… for work I usually end up wearing a soild [dark] shirt, solid [dark] pants, some solid jacket or other cover up on top [not dark if you’re lucky], and a *scarf.* At home I wear grubby jeans and old shirts, of course.

    I found out how to wear a scarf from Wendy:
    I love that little 5 minutes, and her story is awesome too if you want to check out her website. Thanks for another entertaining post, Holly!

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