A shirt headed back to Neverland…

Mod/Day 12


I don’t know how this happened, but I’ve somehow veered away from classic Mod and into a bad, off-Broadway production of Peter Pan.  It all began with the collars.  Mod shirts and coats often have little things around the neck – ties, ruffles, funnel collars and turtlenecks of all sizes. So when I went Mod shopping I just assumed that old pesky Peter Pan collar was amongst the various Mod neck adornments one needs to master the look.

Peter_PanI am here to tell you though — it is not.  I happened to be looking through the Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style last night and not a single Peter Pan collar appeared in their Mod section.  In fact, the Peter Pan collar is nowhere to be found in the book at all.  The experts in this book clearly understand what I do not and that is – under no circumstances should anyone wear a friggin’ Peter Pan collar in the year 2013.

The problem with not being an inherent fashonista is that I’m just rigidly sticking to what I’ve read about in fashion rather than having a natural eye for fashion.  Some days I feel like my eye is developing and on other days I just walk around wearing what I think I’m supposed to wear and feeling like a big dork.  So in terms of “The Karate Kid”, I’m still in the “wax on, wax off” phase, hoping someday all this baffling hard work will pay off and I can wear an outfit I’ve assembled with confidence so I can then go beat up a smug, popular kid in front of a large crowd.

Which means my Peter Pan collars will be going away (oh, yes, I bought more than one) in favor of the tie neck shirts that are actually worn in Mod.  I figure if the Colonel can rock this look, so can I…


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