How to feel fashion vindication…

Mod/Day 20

Yesterday, when I was at the gym exercising while reading a magazine — an indicator as to how strenuously I was exercising.  I might as well say, while I was at the gym exercising while taking a quick nap…  I came across an article in Lucky Magazine, called “Get the layered Look!”

Here are the steps they recommend —


Start with a shirt and a pair of flowered pants with a concentration of dark, red flowers at the crotch so you can look like you’re having a period mishap all day…


Then add a bejeweled V sweater that points down towards the dark, port wine period splotches…


Then add a child’s blazer…


And finally a CAPE!


Step Four is my cape!  In a magazine!  I couldn’t believe it.  I felt vindicated.  I felt proud.  I felt for one small moment that I had an eye for fashion.  No matter that the rest of the outfit is completely insane.  No matter that the poor woman wearing this outfit is going to have a heat stroke with four layers of clothing on her torso while her bare, naked ankles will undoubtedly get frost bite.  Where does one wear an outfit like this?  The top half of your body is thinking Siberia while the bottom half would love a nice, tiki bar on a beach with a large box of maxi pads.

I would go so far as to say the cape pulls the whole outfit together.  The cape makes the layered outfit chic.  I sent my cape to a new blog friend in Canada, but I hope she is up there right now rocking her awesome, “as seen in a magazine” trendy fashion find…



  • Lesia says:

    Not sure I’m “rocking” the cape – it’s meant to be Eurochic! But I’m definitely covering my legs when I’m wearing it. (With coloured tights, so does that make me Mod at the same time? I’m wondering what your style book says about mixing styles, but I’m thinking it can’t possibly be worse than the unfortunate outfit you found pictured in Lucky.) There’s still snow on the ground up here!

    • myyearoffabulous says:

      There is a part of the Lucky guide to mastering any style that is all about mixing styles. I just don’t know enough about each style to mix them yet.

  • Brian Scully says:

    Holly, only you and Batman can really pull off that cape look… and you manage to do it every day without Alfred dressing you… :)

  • janicemercieri says:

    If capes are good enough for our super heroes, they’re good enough for me!

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