How to look fabulous for an Easter egg hunt…

Mod/Day 29


I am not wearing this outfit right now because I am still in my pajamas running around the house like a crazy person throwing dishes in the dishwasher, scraping little bits of yuck off the floor and shoving all stray toys in the cabinet under the bathroom sink.   It’s not a time to carefully clean and organize  – it’s commando clean time where things only have the appearance of no dirt and much order.  You just hope no one looks too closely.

And why would I do this on a seemingly average Friday morning?  Because in approximately thirty minutes, my daughter’s entire first grade class will be arriving at our house for an Easter egg hunt.  That means forty kids (twenty-something students plus siblings) and their parents and teachers.  It’s panic time.

What the kids are going to find on the Easter egg hunt –

Hundreds of Easter eggs (which I haven’t hidden yet)

Bags of prizes (which I also haven’t hidden yet)

Lollipops (ditto on the not hiding thing)

40 strawberry plants (nope, haven’t hidden)

40 small chalk boards (you guessed it.  Me no hide-y)

What I’m afraid they’ll also find on the Easter egg hunt –

Dog poop, string cheese wrappers and other “blow away” kid garbage, pig poop, half buried beer bottles from the previous house owners, but no one will believe us and just think we’re lazy alcoholics that bury beer bottles, chicken poop, and possibly a deer skeleton.

Okay, so I also have to clean the yard before they come over.  How I am supposed to do all this and look fabulous is far beyond my grasp.  The title of my post was really more of a question.  I’ll be lucky to be in jeans and rain boots by the time the first car pulls up.

Hot cider will be served.  Pray for me.



  • heather says:

    The house & yard looked Fabulous. You looked Fabulous. Most importantly (?) the kids all had a Fabulous time! Don’t worry. No one looked under the bathroom sink….

  • Bo says:

    You are so funny! Commando clean! I am a master at that, although can’t figure out how to get rid of dog smells that way…any tips you can give?

    • myyearoffabulous says:

      I use so much incense for dog smells we sit in a cloud of smoke most days. Also, I found this stuff called Aussan Natural room odor eliminator ( and you spray it in air and directly on couches, etc. It actually does work. It gets rid of pee smells on bed even. Small child and animal pee. just to clarify.

  • Lesia says:

    You look fabulous in the dress, by the way. Happy Easter!

  • Lesia says:

    I know it’s too late (for this year) but how about you hide the Easter eggs in the house (next year) so you won’t have to worry about the poop? And because the big event is already over, how did it go?

    • myyearoffabulous says:

      Well, there really were forty children here and we have an eight hundred and fifty square foot house, so I don’t think everyone could look for eggs in it. I think I’ll do that for my own kids though!

  • janicemercieri says:

    You need some girlfriend help fast!

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