How to try and get back together with your clothes…

Mod/Day 26

Just as a broke up with my Mod wardrobe yesterday, I went out and got the April issue of Instyle Magazine only to find this –


A huge, feature on how Mod is the only thing you should ever wear this spring!  I felt like I broke up with a boyfriend only to have him win the lottery the next day!  Here’s what Instyle is saying about Mod –

“Microminis, go-go boots, beehives, the sixties took trends to new heights – quite literally.  For spring, designers are revisiting the era by creating clothes with bold geometrics, A-line silhouettes, and extreme hemlines.  ‘It’s all about creating a powerful statement with minimalism,’ says stylist and designer RACHEL ZOE.”

They go on to give some pretty good advice about how to pull off the look without turning into a sixties freak show – a pitfall I seemed to be unable to avoid on a near daily basis.


“An eye-catching print doesn’t require a lot in terms of accessories.  Let the pattern speak for itself and keep the jewelry simple.”

Look at this adorable Mod look — complete with jaunty riding cap!


“A belt with a big piece of hardware is the ideal statement accessory for an ensemble like this because it stands out against the solid red color scheme.”

And finally, InStyle gives the best piece of advice of all – “Mod is all about showing off your legs.  Start those squats now!”  A short-sleeveless dress is a stylish way to flaunt toned limbs.”

NOW I remember why we broke up in the first place.  Toned limbs?  Start those squats now?  Sorry, but I only do a squat if I accidentally either dropped my child or my candy bar.  That’s it, Mod.  We are never, ever, ever… getting back together…


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