I’m Marching in Mod…



What exactly is Mod?  That’s the question I had when I first read about it as a look.  Here’s what “The Lucky Guide to Mastering any Style” says about it —

“Designer Mary Quant gave birth to a style that is boldly black & white, zippered, geometric, shiny and positively futuristic.  Consider Twiggy, who, in her stark black tights and white shifts, defined not just fashion, but the cultural mood of an era.  Mod still feels like the future — not the future as it happened but the era’s happy, optimistic, and flirty version of it.  Modern day fans of the look, like Selma Blair, make a slightly less lliteral interpretation of it but couldn’t be more appealing in their exaggeratedly tiny slice skirts and super straight shifts.  They look as sexy and stylish as possible, but this time around with a wink.”

PostMaryQuantThe wearer of Mod clothes has deep, mind-expanding conversations about the death of art and what would happen if you fell into a black hole.  They date performance artists.  They don’t have vacations – they have escapades.  They have tortured love affairs.  They still smoke.

Mod is awesome.  Really.  Out of all the looks, it seems like the most fun.  It’s like you’re starring in a French film from the sixties every day.



Why Mod works for Moms:

  1. Lots of low heels and boots so you can still chase after your kids.
  2. Tons of vintage.  Can be done easily on a budget.
  3. Stain resistant fabrics including polyester and vinyl.  Hip polyester and vinyl.
  4. Mod is carefree – wouldn’t it be nice to be just a little carefree again?

Gibraltar Lennon OnoThe only issue I have with Mod is making sure I look Mod-ern, as in 2013, and not like I’m headed to a Laugh-In themed costume party.  The good news is that Mod inspired clothing is everywhere this spring, from block print dresses to neon purses, you just have to know what the original Mod “essential pieces” are to spot the modern day mod versions of them.  Confusing?  Yes.  Can we  figure this out together?  Absolutely.  So just  throw on a pair of bright purple tights, the largest, whitest sunglasses you can find and release your inner-Twiggy…






  • Kenna Lee says:

    Oh, dear. I think I only qualify for the tortured love affairs part. If that. Does the fact that I let someone paint flowers on my toenails count?

    • myyearoffabulous says:

      I think toenails count if you’re wearing open-toed mod sandals. And maybe Mod sunglasses. And a Mod dress. But the tortured love affairs definitely count.

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