Mod and Tim McGraw…

Mod/Day 27

Emboldened by InStyle Magazine’s stark prediction of an all-Mod future, I decided to spend the final days of March in all my extreme Mod clothes to give myself the best possible whack at the style to see if it worked on me.  Who knows?  Maybe it’s like vegetables or exercise or reading The Berenstein Bears “Learn about Strangers” to your kids – you have to do it a lot to really see any benefits (except for the Berenstein Bears book which you could read a million times to your kids and they’d only really learn what to do if a strange bear approached them and asked them to get into a car.  And what child in their right mind would go anywhere with a talking bear in the first place?  Let alone one behind the wheel of a car?  The book has no foundation in logic.)

So here’s extreme Mod outfit #1.


Okay, I agree this outfit is a little crazy – and somewhere inside me I knew that all day.  But it must be the same feeling you get when you find out you only have a few days to live.  I knew I’d NEVER wear the outfit again, so I just appreciated every little detail about it.  My cold arms…  The itchy linen material…  The ever-painful red ballet flats… The way the dress clung to my hips in all the wrong ways…  And of course, the white tights that grabbed dirt and globs of hair better than any lint roller I’ve ever owned…

It’s like that Tim McGraw song, “Live like you were Dying.” And don’t pretend you’re too cool not to know what song I’m talking about or that you’ve never sang/cried along with it in the car at least ONCE.  It goes something like this —  “I went skydiving, rocky mountain climbing, I went 8.2 hours in a dress called, Pan Am Stewardess.”

And just like the song says, “I hope you all someday get the chance to dress like you were dying…


  • Michele N says:

    I found your blog a couple of weeks ago & I’m reading it from the beginning. This is where I’ve gotten to tonight & I finally had to comment. At looking at all the mod outfits, some are horrible (purple dress), some aren’t bad, and others have promise. I like this outfit if it weren’t for the glasses & the white leggings (tights would be better). I like the glasses on their own with maybe a “normal” outfit, but when trying to add them into other mod items it just doesn’t seem to work, I’ve noticed it on a lot of the outfits. I like mod, but it is costumey, which I think is why I’m drawn more to the 50’s retro than mod-I hate bows & big white collars. Your writing is hilarious & I have laughed out loud on more than one occasion, especially describing your flowered white pants. lol

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Thanks so much for finding my blog and commenting! I like the 50s retro than mod — the big collars and bows are awful!

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