Neon clothing and every day activities…

Mod/Day 16


Neon clothing is everywhere this spring and its roots are definitely in Mod.  The sixties were all about how many bright, day-glo colors one could wear in a single outfit and it seems that trend has reared its (shall I say ugly?) head.  If you want to be in-the-fashion-moment, but don’t want to dress like a street sign, you could just add a neon accessory like one of these cute wallets —


Or, if you’re like me and prefer going fashion-whole-hog, then why try an entire neon outfit?


It has it’s benefits — your loved ones can easily find you in any public location (not that they’d want to when you’re dressed like this)… and you’re guaranteed a safe crossing on any busy street or even highway.  The downsides are few — First, it’s really ugly and if you need to do anything slightly strenuous, this outfit is not your friend.  Yesterday, I had to go check on our neighbor’s new puppy and there is no gate between our houses, only fence. Therefore, some minor climbing was involved…

Holly_Fence_RearWow!  Check out those big, neon green thighs!  Thank goodness the geometric neon dress was there to partially hide the big, neon green butt.  The patent leather ballet flats while at least not neon, did make climbing a short fence not funny and rather scary.

Next time, I think I’ll just stick with a wallet…




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