Bohemian moms and family vacations…

Bohemian – Day 7


I think a good test of a true Bohemian is how they withstand stress and if today is any indication, I am still very far off the hippie mark.  Right now my stress level is somewhere between a surgeon about to separate quadruplets joined by the head and a political criminal with fake identification trying to hop aboard the last train out of a war torn country…  And why on Earth would a stay-at-home mom of three kids ever get this stressed?  Simple.  We’re going on a small vacation.  That’s right.  Just trying to get all the ski stuff, the snack stuff, the car toys, the sleds, the directions to the hotel and the house cleaned for the house sitter just so she can think we’re clean, organized people makes me as suicidal as a Japanese businessman.   Because if something is missing when we get there, you know whose fault it will be?  Yours truly.  Does anyone ever point the finger at Daddy for forgetting something?  No, because children know Daddies are fun, yet hapless.  Mommies never get off that easily.

Oh, and I have nothing Bohemian that’s warm enough to wear in the snow so I will probably freeze to death in the name of fashion.

Wish me luck. I will send reports down from the top of the mountain.

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