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Bohemian – Day 29

Spending this week at a primitive skills camp with my family has really opened my bohemian eyes – or my faux-bohemian eyes, I should say.  Because honestly, being surrounded by true, Earth-loving, basket weaving, dancing-wildly-around-a-drum-with-really-dirty-feet bohemians, made me realize that I have only pretending to be a part of this style and culture for the month.  I am no bohemian.

Oh, sure, I shop organic and love a good peasant blouse, but would this buckskin outfit work for me on an outing to Jiffy Lube?


I doubt it.  And certainly I prefer natural fibers as much as the next eco-friendly mom, but would I go as far as wearing this bark purse?


Probably not.  If the goats didn’t eat it first, my children would surely try to make a stuffed animal home out of it.  And finally, on a vacation with my family would I prefer a hotel or a more natural, dwelling, like, let’s say…


A teepee?  I’m sorry but I’ll take a Hampton Suites with a pool any day…

So here I sit, in awe of all these truly skilled, kind, bohemians who are actually helping to save the planet and instead of wanting to absorb as much knowledge as I can from them, all I really want to do is crack open a Budweiser…


…and then maybe head to Target…  Who’s with me?


  • Rebecca says:

    ….but the clothes looked so good on you! Maybe you could adopt most of the clothing without the lifestyle? Would that be faux-boho or fraud-boho? Maybe either one does not work in California….

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      So far, boho is my favorite style and it’s sort of my lifestyle too. Just not extreme-boho. I’m definitely going to keep a lot of the clothes…

  • Finicky Cat says:

    Target, yes! We don’t even have them in Canada, and I feel so deprived. But I’m going switch my Bud for a glass of pinot noir if that wouldn’t be too snobbish and Euro chic…

    However, seriously, I do wish I could send my three oldest children along to the camp – what an experience! How are yours taking it all? Will they be tanning leather on their own when they get home?

    And I love the line of the blouse and skirt in the first picture…but in person it’s probably a lot more, er, primitive-looking, right? Still…nice to see if not to actually wear day-to-day. Those two look like something out of a well-costumed movie.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      The camp is great. My daughter made a buckskin purse and bow and arrow and my son spends most of his time at archery. It’s a really cool place, actually and the people are great. It’s so nice for kids just to be out in nature getting dirty, although I’d prefer a daily shower (and there isn’t one out camping). Oh well!

      I love a glass of wine myself…

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