When did nature get so expensive?


Bohemian – Day 9

I am in no way, shape or form wearing anything remotely Bohemian while skiing.  The closest thing to Bohemian I have on me right now is some dried mango in my pocket – a favorite snack of the bohemian family.  I took a good look around the ski shop as a mini fashion investigation to see what kind of styles of women’s ski-wear were available and there was pretty much just one style – Euro chic.  And why?  Because only rich people can afford to ski anymore!  This was the very first year my entire family hit the slopes – a very significant and bittersweet moment in our lives because it meant we are officially out of the baby years.  As excited as we all were to hit the mountain together, I headed over to get our gear and lift passes for the day.  It went something like this –

Me:  “Hi, I’d like to rent two snowboards, three sets of skis, five helmets, boots, poles and five full day lift tickets, please.”

Mountain employee:  “No problem.  That will be… (pause for calculations)… ONE MILLION DOLLARS.”

How did this happen?  I remember as a kid skiing in North Carolina for a week at an Inn that I think was just someone’s house with a tow rope in their back yard.  We skied for an entire week, meals included for about two hundred dollars.  Now no bohemian family (or any other kind of family for that matter) could possibly afford this fun, winter activity on a regular basis.  And what a way to build up your kid’s confidence for a challenging sport!  Practice it once a year for four hours and see how your little ones excel!  Winter Olympics here they come!

That’s why you will see most Bohemian families enjoying other winter activities like hot springs in the woods, snowshoeing in a free National park or having a snowball fight in the parking lot of a community market.  As for this Bohemian family, we have learned some valuable lessons on the difference between expensive nature and free nature and are headed home tonight, happy, tired and a whole lot poorer.


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