Is a buckskin bra as comfortable as it sounds?

Bohemian – Day 27


Starting today, I am going to be camping for an entire week with my family at what is called the “Buckeye Gathering.”  Basically, it’s a week-long event that teaches families all about primitive skills – basket weaving, how to make a fire, how to leg wrestle a skunk, etc.  Some of the daily offerings will be:

Animal processing – (It’s exactly what you’re afraid it is)

Bowmaking – (Could come in handy, never)

Braintan Buckskin – (Tanning an animal hide with a brain – you heard me)

Flintknapping Pit – (I have absolutely no idea what this is)

And, of course, yoga, followed by a “Bark tan discussion” – whatever that means.


On the bright side, the event does offer a few “fashion classes” that I’m excited to take – There’s a class on how to make “yucca sandals” and another class on how to construct a “buckskin bra.”  Gosh, I hope they’re not at the same time.


I know I tend to embellish a lot, but I promise, I am not making any of this up.  Just check out Buckeye Gathering and you too, will be as aghast as I am.  I am about to enter the belly of the bohemian beast and why am I doing this?  Because my kids want to – and this just might be the trump card I’ve been looking for to guilt them into taking care of me when I’m old.  Come on, I rubbed brains all over a dead deer for you


I promise to continue my daily posts, but they just might be in the form of smoke signals…



Comments? Fire away.