A day in the life of an American Classic mom…

American Classic – Day 17

Today I’m having one of those mom days that is so full of fabulous, my biggest problem is choosing what to wear…  Just take a look at my dance card —

Septic Service — I start off the day waiting for the septic guy to empty our tank.   Not a lot is required of me for this task except to be nauseated, then sign a check, but still, I want to look my best.  The septic guy stares at poop all day, he doesn’t also need to stare at me in my super bowl half shirt and jeggings.

Sick Child — My oldest son is sick so I got a whole chicken to make broth.  I really hate handling large, raw chicken and pulling out that creepy mystery bag inside the bird, but I don’t want my outfit to reflect my unhappiness.  I want to look professional, but still feminine– butcher chic.


Dentist Appointment — My daughter has a dentist appointment.  Nothing reminds you that you live the pampered life of a one-percenter like taking one child to the dentist along with your other child who is sick.   I’m going to get a lot of dirty looks in the waiting room for this so I need to dress for the spotlight.

Play Date — My daughter, sick son and I will then pick up their three year old brother from a play date.  When my kids haven’t seen each other in a while, they usually fight and drive me crazy for at least an hour, so my outfit needs to be cute and casual and ready to separate biting children off the floor.

Kids Kung Fu in the afternoon – I’m in full chauffer mode now.  I want my outfit to look like I have an interesting life, but in fact I’m just staring at utube on my phone waiting for the class to be over.

Dinner – Me, three children, chicken soup.  Oh, what to wear… what to wear

Clean up — My husband usually comes home after dinner and I certainly don’t want to greet him looking haggard, holding a half-empty glass of wine and half-heartedly cleaning the kitchen.  He’s seen that a thousand times.  I don’t want to go as far as, “French Maid”, but I also don’t want to look like “Alice from The Brady Bunch.”


Bath and Story time – This outfit is in some ways is the most essential outfit of the day.  It needs to be chic, yet durable (there’s water involved) but most importantly, it needs to be comfortable.  I usually fall asleep reading to my kids and I don’t want to wake up at three o’clock in the morning wearing a pencil skirt.  I’m thinking silk pajamas or at the very least, a caftan.

So that’s my day.  I’ve decided to go with this outfit —


— because nothing says “septic” and “soup” to me like a blazer and pearls.  Of course, I might have to make a few costume changes along the way, but hey, that’s all part of the exotic life of being a mom…


  • Hassanah says:

    As I was reading this (and picturing your voice reading it aloud to me), I was thinking of my own thought process a few weeks back…

    I wake up and it’s going to be friggen hot, like 100 degree hot. I go, “Can I wear shorts?” Well, I am going to the doctor and I haven’t shaved my legs…

    Here’s where it gets twisted. I rationalize that he IS a homeopath and is probably used to seeing much hairier legs than what I have currently going on. So, yes on the shorts.

    Hmmm, can I wear sandals? A quick peek down below at the little piggies. Well, I am freshly bathed, but good God woman, when did you last trim those bad boys? Rationalizing in progress….Well, since he IS a homeopath and used to seeing hairy legs, he is probably used to seeing everyone walking around in Jesus Joggers too. So, yes on the sandals.

    See living in our small town, where there is A LOT of culture and many hippies and free spirits that really don’t give a hoot about what they put on, you get caught up in it too. (I know, I totally generalized but there are some random outfits you see here and lots of Birkies.) *Disclaimer: no disrespect meant or given to the hippies or free spirits out there!

    Holly, I am glad you are brave and taking this journey. By seeing you and reading this, it makes us aware too that it does matter what you put on and how it makes you feel no matter where you are going. I will better consider my fashion options in the future! :)

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Hi Hassanah! Thanks for commenting! I based the day in the life post on your suggestion! So thanks! I love your thoughts on what to wear. That’s so true. It’s like when I go to target I think, why bother dressing. People are in their pajamas at target!

  • rebecca says:

    Oy vey. I’m exhasuted just reading that. You look great; my only critique is that the belt and jeans are a bit too “masculine” for AC; a thinner belt and more “feminine” jeans in a slightly higher rise would look more “classic.” Kudos to you for even trying on a day like that!

  • Kristin says:

    Nailed it!

  • Tina says:

    it IS a great outfit, but it does feel somewhere between EuroChic and American Classic. The shoes are a little wild for AC, but I love it!

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Thanks! I guess I’m more euro chic or bohemian because try as I might with American Classic — I’m not really sticking the landing.

  • Amanda Toop says:

    Those shoes look interesting, are those peep toe wedges?

  • Denise says:

    it’s perfect

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