Meet Bo! Lover of horses and flannel pajama pants…

American Classic – Day 18


Bo and I have known each other since I was thirteen years old and she and my brother started dating.  When they married I had the great fortune of calling her my sister-in-law and when they divorced I got an upgrade and now I just call her my sister.  Bo and I have traveled the world together and she is an extraordinary person.  While she may not have human children, she is a mother to many, many furry children.  She is an amazing veterinarian and her home has rescued animals flopped and lounging on nearly every surface of it.

I asked Bo to do The Proust Fashion Questionnaire because her fashion challenges come close to, if not exceed, most moms of young children.  Play dough stuck on your pants is nothing compared to the horrors Bo’s clothes experience on a daily basis.  Seriously, what do you wear to look up a dog’s butt all day?  A Chanel suit?  I know nothing says cashmere like operating on a cat.  But despite the fact that Bo feels sometimes baffled and frustrated by fashion like I do, she has a secret weapon.  Bo happens to be beautiful, so it doesn’t matter what she wears.  People just gush all over her.  It’s rather disgusting.  It’s a good thing she’s nice.

“The Proust Fashion Questionnaire — Bo”

What is your greatest fashion fear?  To be caught in bike shorts anywhere but on a bike.

Which historical fashion figure do you most identify with?  Princess Sisi of Austria…


She was at the forefront of abandoning the hoop skirt for a tighter and leaner silhouette. She disliked both expensive accoutrements and the protocol that dictated constant changes of clothing, preferring simple, monochromatic riding habit-like attire.

What are you wearing in perfect fashion happiness?  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this.  But this is close…


Bo wearing a very chic riding outfit while lounging with rescued greyhounds.

What physical trait do you most deplore in yourself?  My aging face!

On what occasion do you lie about your appearance?  Not sure if I’ve ever done that?  Unless wearing a push up bra with lots of padding is considered a lie.

What is your greatest fashion regret?  The time I wore a Victoria secret pajama top someone gave me to the movies… I didn’t know.

Victoria's_secret_ Pajamas -9

I’d like a ticket for “The Iron Lady”…

What outfit were you the most happiest in?  Flannel pajama pants and a Tebow t-shirt! Obviously that means I’m home and staying home for a while which brings me great happiness…


What is your most treasured fashion possession?  Besides riding clothes?  I love Athleta Dipper pants… Anything from Athleta..

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?  Definitely taller if you mean appearance wise, otherwise I would like to be a land baron.

What is your most marked physical characteristic?  Long hair.

What type of clothing do you most like to see on a man?  Chaps and jeans or English riding pants with the leather seat and riding boots… nothing more sexy then a man that knows how to ride a horse!

What type of clothing do you most like to see on a woman?  The same, cause if they are wearing that kind of clothing, we must not be far from the barn and horses!

Who are your fashion heroes in real life?  I love Shakira.

What fashion trend have you most disliked? When I see people with asymmetrical hair cuts or clothes.


What is your fashion motto?  To never wear this outfit again in my life…


Bo, at seven years old, wearing jaunty cowboy boots and what appears to be a onesie.


  • Bo says:

    Thanks for that beautiful, heartwarming intro! You are so talented.

    I did fail to mention work clothes…what do I say…black hides blood but the cat and dog hair that shows up on black is unbearable..anal gland discharge goes with nothing and it’s probably better to get it on your face then your shirt? my partner has khakis that he actually places the date he first started wearing them on the inside of the waist band..I think he was wearing some from 1991 the other day-this is how much we don’t wear what we like to work! …there is nothing like going into a Busy Bee (convenience store) at midnight wearing blood tinged, uterine fluid- soaked clothes to get your well-deserved cold drink after pulling a calf in the middle of the summer. People use to think I drove a meat truck (not really knowing what a vet. box was), now I get it, because my clothes were so gross and often filthy when I was on call!

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      I love that — to have someone ask you if you drove a meat truck! Were they hitting on you? Maybe that’s considered a compliment by some. I also forgot about discharge on your clothes. That’s a whole other level of yuck. I’m going to get some dipper pants though- thanks for suggesting them.

  • Avmeyt says:

    you forgot the “how has fashion defined your career” question… for me, it was being able to wear muck boots and coveralls to work…or scrubs, aka pajamas…!

  • Dell says:

    Loved it Holly. You really “captured” her.

  • I’m a friend of Bo too. Great job capturing her :)

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