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American Classic – Day 3

I am still camping.  Yes, I can’t really believe it either.  This must be what homeless people feel like.  My cell phone doesn’t work out here, so I have to look at the sun to try and figure out what time it is.  My children foraged in the woods for food yesterday, found a fennel plant and devoured it, picking it apart with their filthy hands.  It seems we’re all turning into wild animals.  We spent most of the day at the river and since I don’t really have any American Classic “river-wear”, I wore this –


The Capri pants were way too long, so I got soaking wet, but at least I didn’t get sunburned.  And I certainly didn’t blend in with the rest of the bohemians at the river because, well, they were naked.


I want to thank all of you sooooo much for your wonderful suggestions on where to buy American Classic clothes.  Reading them over made me feel for the first time like I officially have a fashion blog and not just a blog about someone who dresses up in uncomfortable clothes and talks about her goats.  Since I’m not anywhere close to being a fashion expert, I feel strange giving fashion advice, like hey, I can’t sing!  Maybe I should give people singing advice!  Or maybe I can tell astronauts how to pilot a space station — I’m sure they’d appreciate that!

But since you all do know fashion, I feel so excited to share your advice on where to shop online for American Classic clothes.  I’ll start with your suggestions for the biggies —

LL Bean, J Crew, Calvin Klein, Zappos, Old Navy, Target, Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic and Lands End.  The winner for most suggestions was Ann Taylor Loft — inexpensive, good quality and true to size (their clothes even run a little big — which I alway appreciate for body-image boosting reasons).

Then you suggested some stores where I’ve never shopped and some I’ve never heard of — BodenUSA, Bluefly, 15dollarstore, and even a second hand suggestion,

And if you’re looking for something in particular, there was a suggestion for — a site where you can find virtually everything.

When our camping adventure is over on Saturday and we are safely back indoors, tick-free and clean, I am going to start my adventure — my online shopping adventure, that is.  Thank you!  I can’t wait!


  • Megan says:

    I think you are pretty American classic here. You look great.

  • Kimberly says:

    Banana Republic offers some percent off pretty much everyday of the week. If there isn’t a sale at any given moment, within 48 hours there will be.

    And try ebay. I find lots of classics there for cheap. Measure things you like in your own closet and ask sellers for measurements if they haven’t provided them. I recently picked up two wool Pendleton blazers, school boy style, one camel, one navy, for under $25. Both have leather buttons, are fully lined and of excellent quality. And old…the sizes are way out of wack with current JCrew etc sizes.

  • Amanda Toop says:

    Boden is a great idea, I forgot about them. Another place to consider that I forgot – Talbots. Check them out. Now is potentially a good time to shop because there are a lot of flat 20-30% offers – Banana Republic 30% (site says ends the 5th), Old Navy ($10 polos and really cute looking dark denim jacketfor $25) 20%, Jcrew is probably still doing 25% off, LL bean just sent me 10% off (not so exciting) and Talbots has 30% off.

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