Beautiful butterflies, majestic shoes…

Sporty Chic – Day 28


Yesterday, we went to the butterfly gardens at the University of Florida and it’s by far the best one I’ve even been to – huge curious butterflies swooping around you and landing on your shoulders for friendly meet and greets.  You get the feeling that all the butterflies took a stringent public relations course.  It was so fun and the variety of butterflies is unbelievable.  My son had the butterfly description guide and was walking at least ten feet in front of me the entire time, so I really didn’t learn anything except always grab more than one description guide.  I take that back.  I actually learned two things…

That some women…


…no matter how much awe-inspiring nature they are surrounded by….


…will always just notice shoes.


A woman approached me and gushed over my sporty chic shoes (wonderfully made by Ahnu) while I had this butterfly —


on my head!  I had a small crowd gathered around me taking pictures of my forehead while this woman continued to stare at my feet.

I thought about this woman describing her travels all over the world.  What’d you think about the pyramids?   I loved the gladiator sandals!  How about the Roman steps?  So many Manolo’s!  What’s the Great Barrier Reef really like?

Very disappointing.  Just flippers….

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