How to wear a dress in a river…

Sporty Chic – Day 29


Well, if it’s a sporty chic dress with that strange, other-worldly quick drying material, just throw it on over a bathing suit, grab an inner tube and jump right in.  I got this dress on the clearance rack at Sports Authority in their yoga section.  I think it was on the clearance rack because people normally don’t do yoga in dresses.  And it has UV protection just in case you’re doing yoga in a dress in the sun.


Once again I have to thank sporty chic.  I spent a great day on the Rainbow river…


with my kids and my mom…


…in a dress and I didn’t feel completely stupid.  Before my month of sporty chic I would have thought that scenario could only have been in a bad dream —

…You’ve planned a great day on the river with your family, but for some reason you’re in a soaking wet dress, and it’s see-through, and everyone from high school is watching…





  • Mary Beth says:

    Oh, I just saw this on FB – I haven’t been River Rats yet, but I’ve heard good things about this store, and I plan to pop in next trip…

  • Mary Beth says:

    OMG. My parents live there, and I went to high school there! I’m having one of those crazy moments where “It’s a Small World” plays in my mind, and crazy little dolls dance…

    When I go home to visit Dunnhellonearth (as the BF calls it), my mom and I usually hit Bealls Outlet at least once, where you are guaranteed to ALWAYS find a t-shirt where they have mis-spelled Dunnellon.

    ALSO, there is a FANTASTIC vintage/consignment shop I always visit, and I always leave with a bagful of awesome clothes:

    Cie Cie’s Twice Nice (352) 489-9939

    19120 E Pennsylvania Ave, Dunnellon, FL 34432

    She generally doesn’t have kids clothes, I don’t think (can’t remember) – but you can always call her and ask.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      I can’t believe your parents live in Dunnellon and you went to high school there! OMG! We drove through it and it was small. We ate at the sonic burger which I’ve never eaten at and was confused I tried to go inside the restaurant only to realize that there is no inside part to the restaurant. I walked into the kitchen. I’m already in Miami but I will definitely go back next time I’m in Florida and check out Cie Cie’s!

      The rainbow river was really pretty though. Do your parents live on it? Do they have a “redneck cruiser”?

      • Mary Beth says:

        Oh no, no no no, they live in Rainbow Springs (the development), but nowhere close to the river. Despite the fact that they have been there 30 years now, and as much as I love the idea of them sitting out on a redneck cruiser of their own, my parents never did ‘go native’. :D

        I have never eaten at most of the places there. I don’t know what the small-town Florida equivalent of “Montezuma’s Revenge” is, but I suspect it would be spectacularly bad.

        • My Year of Fabulous says:

          I think I saw that Rainbow springs development. I was a little horrified by the dining choices in Florida altogether. While I was there I ordered a cleanse so I could do it as soon as I got home!

          Although, in addition to eating at Sonic burger there, we also picked up Dunkin Donuts. Two belly bomber places at once, but so yummy.

      • Bo says:

        hahahahaha about the sonic! I can just see you doing that..

        • My Year of Fabulous says:

          I did, really. I walked into the kitchen. This high school girl was like, Ma’am, can I help you?

  • Elizabeth says:

    Boho and Sporty Chic really seem to agree with you and your lifestyle!

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