My legs finally see daylight…

Sporty Chic – Day 6

I really appreciate all the input I received regarding my odd pants/dress style choice.  It seems that almost everyone thought that capri jeans under a dress was weird and a definite no-no.  Many suggested that if I felt it was absolutely necessary to wear something under a dress to hide the frontal cottage cheese thighs, I should wear cropped leggings.  But most of you felt like I was probably being too critical of my legs and I should just accept the body I have and let it all hang out.  So I’ve decided to do just that —


And you know what?  You’re right.  I do feel better.  I feel bold and flirty and without the jeans, my thighs now make a nice whistling noise when I walk.  I’m quite the head-turner!  Thanks, everybody!



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