The Essential Sporty Chic outfit…

Sporty Chic – Day 26

If you’re curious about Sporty Chic, but don’t know where to begin, here’s an outfit that I think fits all mom requirements –


Athleta Dress — Sure, it’s expensive, but it’s also versatile and completely indestructible.  I’ve worn this dress to the park, to the pool over my bathing suit and even out on a date with my husband.  It’s gotten “goat yuck” on it, chocolate smeared all over it and been caught in the middle of an ugly incident involving an out of control play date and some left over Halloween make up.  The stains come right out and it doesn’t shrink in the wash.  I’m considering being buried in this dress.


Jambu Shoes – These shoes dress up the Sporty Chic look, make your legs look great and can be worn for ten hours without even the slightest complaint from your feet.  They have a heel and yet, I look forward to wearing them…  I’ll repeat that.  They have a heel and yet, I look forward to wearing them.


Keen Messenger Bag – This messenger bag is so sporty and much more chic than a backpack.  The Keen messenger bags come in all sorts of designs and have pockets for everything so you can easily keep your fruit roll ups separate from your match box cars.  The bag even has a little hook for your keys so your kids can no longer give you that why can’t this woman ever find her keys look.

That’s it.  That’s the whole outfit.  I usually don’t recommend outfits this expensive to any mom because I know it would end in fashion heartache – some tragedy would befall one of the pieces and you’d only think, why did I buy something so expensive?  But this outfit laughs in the face of vomit, play dough and boogers.  This outfit just won’t die.

Consider this your zombie outfit.

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