July — A Month of Maxi’s!

Maxi Dress –Day 1


I have reached the halfway point in “My Year of Fabulous” and if I’ve learned anything at all, it’s that I hate wearing dresses.  At best I feel silly, at worst I feel like I’m headed to court.

But I love dresses on other people.  I always think they look great and I always wish I could throw on a dress with such ease.  I imagine someone approaching me about a dress I’m wearing and I just say, “Oh, this ol’ thing?  Why, I just threw it on.”  (For this imaginary scenario, I also have a Southern accent).

And that’s why I am going to make myself wear a dress every single day for the month of July.  For a lot of women, this doesn’t sound hard at all.  But for me, I’d rather wear a month of leg irons.  I’ve got the rest of the year with lots of different looks that feature lots of different dresses and I don’t want to dread any of it.  My hope is to learn to love dresses or die trying.

I’ve chosen the maxi dress because they are flattering and the epitome of summer.  I will try to hunt down 31 of them (either borrowed, consignment or thrift) so every day I will be in a different style, color and comfort level.

It’s immersion therapy time and I’m about to go crazy girly…




  • Cheryl says:

    I was nursing my daughter at 4 am last night(?) and suddenly remembered I hadn’t read your blog in a few days and wondered what new adventure you were on. I also wondered why Michael j fox looked so homely as a wolf in the movie “Teen Wolf” and yet ladies found him irresistible. These are the things we think of at the wee, painful hours.
    Anyway, look at you.. it’s maxi dresses! Just what I wanted you to do.
    You discovered the secret to the maxi-brainless style and yet you look chic. TJ Maxx gets them by the truckload.
    I love these bra/camisole thingies underneath.
    I have small boobs, though.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Yes, thanks so much for your suggestion! The maxi dress thing is perfect for me to break my dress hatred. They are so comfortable. And I don’t know why girls found Michael j fox hot in Teen Wolf. Maybe for the same reason we were all supposed to think Fonzie was hot on Happy Days.

      • Cheryl says:

        I think you will come around to this style of dress for sure. I live in Florida so it is a bit hot for them now. Late summer/early fall is really the heyday of the maxi. You can throw a sweater over it, a long sleeved tee or denim jacket and forget your bra worries.

        I also feel silly wearing hats (like a straw fedora) and yet a maxi dress makes a breezy hat look effortless and not screaming for attention.
        Imagine a month of hat wearing? Hahaha.

        You are so right on with Fonzie. They really tried and yet he was like the creepy uncle of the show.
        Ultimately it’s proof a good head of hair isn’t everything.

        • My Year of Fabulous says:

          I can’t imagine a month of hat wearing! That is another fear of mine. Like church hats. Although I love nothing more than seeing an older lady all dressed up for church with a hat. They always look fabulous. I had forgotten how hot Florida was. It felt good but I bet a maxi is even too hot some days…

  • waggore says:

    No way!! I LOVE dresses. A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to wear nothing but dresses and skirts- so comfy, not buttons, you don’t even notice if you ate a ginormous lunch- they are so forgiving. Yay for Maxi dress month :-)


    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      They are forgiving, aren’t they? I just can’t figure out the bra situation yet. My strapless bra is so uncomfortable!

      • waggore says:

        ahh, I feel your pain! For the ones that require a strapless bra, I wear a tight fitting cami under neath and wear a cute-ish bra underneath and all is good with the world. I’m wearing the combo now actually!

  • beachmama says:

    I too love the easy way dresses look on other women. I’ve always envied women in a cute little black dress with strappy shoes, sigh. I like that you’re doing a month of maxi’s. I was in a motorcycle accident many, many, many years ago that left one leg quite disfigured (and 2″ shorter). I’m doing fine getting around, very active, and rather fit but not comfortable in short dresses (except around my husband who thinks I’m adorable in a gunny sack). So was thrilled to see maxi’s are back! I’m on a strict budget (code for no $ ; ) but I know there are deals to be had. Have you shopped at H & M online? I’m not a shopper and live in tees and yoga pants . . .
    I found you via The Gravenstein and I’m so enjoying your twisted humor . . . much like mine.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      The Gravenstein is my husband’s blog! Thanks for finding me. I’ll check out H and M for maxi dresses. I don’t really like showing off my legs either but I’m tying to get used to it.

  • This is so brave!! Can’t wait to see them all!

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Thanks! I was already dreading my decision today to wear a dress every day, but maybe that’s good. A challenge!

  • janicemercieri says:

    What size are you?

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Dress size? 6 or 8. The maxi dresses that I’ve gotten have been small or medium. Some of them are just so long I think I’d trip!

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