Maxi dresses, special times and coffee…

Day 28 – A Month of Maxi Dresses…

My daughter Emerson has been campaigning for some time to have a “girls day” with me.  Being the only girl sandwiched between two brothers, I try to do this as often as possible with her.  In fact, I try to schedule special alone time with all my kids whenever I can and I try to schedule special alone time for my husband to be with our kids too.  That’s three kids, two parents and six special alone times to schedule on a regular basis in addition to special family times, special family dinners, special family vacations and of course those special times where we’re all at each other’s throats because we’ve spent so much special time together.

Hence, the reason Emerson has been on a campaign – it’s been a while since our last girls day.  When we finally scheduled one this week, Emerson put our agenda on the fridge –


1). Work

2). Eat frozen yogurt

3). Shop

Now that’s a girl after my own heart.  Our first stop was work.


Emerson is in that phase where she wants to be like me so I thought it was so cute that she added “work” to our agenda.  We both brought our laptops to a coffee shop (Mac for me and Barbie’s Learning Laptop for her), and I must admit, as I took my first sip of latte and turned on my computer, I was a excited.  Look at us!  Mom and daughter working at a coffee shop together!  Maybe Emmy will be a writer too!  Maybe she’ll be a novelist and dedicate a book to me some day!  For mom, I will always cherish our girls days…” Unfortunately, I was interrupted from my dreamy state by a single question from Emerson:

 “I’m bored.  Can we go?”

Work time logged at coffee shop – four and a half minutes.  Oh well.  I had to put my laptop and dragon mom thoughts away.  Although I did manage to teach Emmy one very important writer’s technique  –


Always work with a drink.

Comments? Fire away.