Remembrance of dresses past…

Day 31 – A Month of Maxi Dresses…


I can’t believe I’ve actually worn a dress every day for an entire month.  Really?  Me?  The person who wore a pantsuit to her prom?  The person who sleeps in really unattractive men’s boxers?  The person who wears shorts in the pool?  Yep.  That’s me.  I did it and even though I have photos to prove I did it, this whole experience seems like one long fabric-y maxi dream.


This month didn’t turn me into a dress-lover so much as it turned me away from being a dress-hater.  I can wear dresses without dread now.  I even appreciate them.  Out of all my styles this year, “A Month of Maxi Dresses” has been the easiest to find, the most effortless to wear and absolutely budget-friendly.  And the best part is, even though I spent literally two minutes getting dressed every day, I’d always get a grand reception wherever I’d go.  Look at your dress!  I love you dress!  Where’d you get that dress?  So much dress talk I wanted to puke.


I’m so glad I did this.  I’m so glad I broke through another fashion barrier.  Now my list of “things I hate to wear” is growing ever shorter.


Still on the list?  Jumpsuits, berets, short shorts, stilettos and all things cheetah.

God, I hope that’s not a style.


Comments? Fire away.