Tide-pooling in a maxi dress…

Day 5 – A Month of Maxi Dresses

Yesterday, my kids and I went tide-pooling and I understood going into this venture that a dress so long that it drags along my ankles would not be great for walking through knee-deep crab filled water.

So, very much like the vapid, fashion-obsessed person that I seem to be trying to become, I wore my maxi dress only on the ride to the beach…


And then changed in the parking lot into shorts and the shoes-whose-name-we-shall-not-speak…


…while my bored children looked on.  They got over my wardrobe delay as soon as we hit the ocean…


But sadly, their smiles faded again…


…When we went back to the car and they saw me change back into my maxi dress just for the ride home.  It’s like their mom has turned into a really bad super hero — no special powers, just a lot of costume changes…




  • Suzanne Hue says:

    Such a cute pic of Emerson! I’m enjoying this blog so much!
    When I got to Hawaii my friend has one of the 50’s head vases that you collect.
    I told her about your cool collection. Might you email me a photo of them, to show her?
    Thanks Holly
    Lily loves your blog too

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Yes, I’ll definitely email you a picture of my head vases. Did your friend have the Marilyn Monroe head vase? That’s a rare one. My step mother just got a hold of the Grace Kelly head vase. It’s awesome.

  • Juliana says:

    It’s a little thing called kirtling–just shove the ends of the dress under the ends of your knickers and you’re good to go! (It effectively shortens the dress to knee-length without showing your bum).

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