Total mom birthday fun…

Day 25 – A Month of Maxi Dresses…

Fortunately, my surprise birthday yesterday did not include a person in a giant rat costume, a really bad pizza and a germ-filled tube maze that should only be played in if you’re wearing a Hazmat suit.


My family actually took me for a day at Coppola Winery, a magical place that has discovered if you combine alcohol with fun kid things, families will visit you by the truckload.  They have an amazing pool…


A Bocce court…


A huge tent full of just books for kids…


…And a cafe that sends dozens of waiters to the pool on the off chance that anyone might like a mojito or fresh olives or an Italian pressed sandwich.


It was a perfect birthday.  And I couldn’t help reflect upon where I was this time last year.  It was on my last birthday that my daughter suggested I wear something other than a pair of jeans out to dinner.  She then pulled out an old bridesmaid’s dress from my closet and said, “Why don’t you wear this?  It’s better than what you usually wear.”  And as hideous as that bridesmaids dress looked, Emerson was right.   Sometimes it really takes another person to point out a change you need to make in your life.

And what a change it’s been.  I’m only half way through My Year of Fabulous and I feel like a totally different person.  I’ve broken through all sorts of issues I had with my body.  I have an understanding of fashion and what works for me and what doesn’t and most importantly, I have confidence.  At this point, I could wear almost any style out the door and not be worried about anyone’s reaction.  Just like when I was a kid and I felt so saucy in my Hee Haw overalls, clothes have become fun for me again.

We have a quote on our fridge that says,

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, BEGIN IT.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”  Goethe.


So what are you waiting for?  What have you been dreaming about?


  • Marsha Calhoun says:

    I’ve been dreaming about acquainting myself with local places such as those you visit, and I have to say, your writings are very encouraging – thanks! (Also, I am making tentative efforts to not look awful, and some progress has been noted; again, thanks for the encouragement in that realm as well.)

  • julie says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog. You always make me laugh and I have been reading you for a while now. I wanted to comment and tell you how awesome the positivity in this post is and how awesome you look in the swimsuit! Kudos to you for having the confidence to realize how beautiful you are. Happy Birthday!

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Thanks so much! I feel like we are all so capable of going after our dreams and living to our potential. This year has been such a challenge for me, but so rewarding! I just want to encourage everyone out there to go for it!

  • Apryl says:

    I love this post! What a beautiful way to be celebrated on your birthday!! I’m wondering what book Buck decided to give you?

  • Lesia says:

    Lovely. What have I been dreaming about? Blogging myself, and not just commenting on my writer friends’ blog posts. This might just be the year I do it.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      You should definitely do it. You’re so smart and have a great point of view. I’ll be your first follower!

  • Jenn says:

    Glad you had a happy birthday!

  • Sounds amazing! Good for you. No wants to flash dance in a strobe lit room underneath a Chuck E. Cheesey stage anyway…. Glad you got to enjoy, what a fantastic surprise and what a lovely family you have!

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Thanks! You know, we haven’t been to chuck e cheese for a while and my son was reading my post over my shoulder and said, We have to go to Chuck E. CHeese!

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