A stylish animal rescue…

Gamine – Day 26

The other day, my friend Hassanah sent me a text asking me if I’d like to adopt a rabbit.  I had to laugh.  I mean, aren’t two dogs, three cats, a pig, two goats and twenty-two chickens enough?  What, is she trying to end my marriage?  My husband loves animals, but I’m the one just can’t say no to a rescue.  My husband is the person that keeps me from being a crazy cat lady.  So I thought I was very mature by texting Hassanah back and saying thanks, but no thanks.  I wish the bunny all the luck in this world and I’m sure it will find a good home, just not our home.

Then I found a stray dog.  I’m serious.


My family and I were in town celebrating August’s birthday when this woman approached with a terrified dog on a ragged leash.  She said the dog was abused by it’s owner (her neighbor) and when the dog’s owner was arrested the police just gave her the dog.  I’m not sure that’s proper police procedure, but, hey, I wasn’t there.  The woman couldn’t keep the dog so she was wandering around looking for someone to take it and ran into us… or more importantly, me.

My husband took one look at the quaking/malnourished dog, sighed, and said, “We should put it in the car.”  My son, Buck, took one look at her and said, “We should name her Lucy!”  Then Emerson and August chimed in with names they wanted to call the dog and a bickering match ensued.  The dog started growling and as we loaded her into the car and I crossed my fingers that she wouldn’t bite my face off, I thought, I should have said yes to the bunny.


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