It’s another Fashion Challenge for the fashion-challenged!

Gamine – Day 30

Today’s prize?

Gamine_wedgeshoesAwesome wedge heels I got from Macys.  The brand is called “Bare Traps”, which I feel is a rather gruesome and corny pun to name a shoe company, but hey, the shoes are great, really comfortable and totally cute.  Size 9.

Today’s Question?

Who invented the wedge heel, when and why?

Good luck.  You have until tomorrow.



  • Liz Bergen says:

    They were invented in 1936 by Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo. He designed the wedges to create shoes that would feel comfortable as well as looking good. He turned to cork to create the wedges because of wartime sanctions against Mussolini that targeted traditional heel materials like steel. The cork allowed wedges to be both comfortable and lightweight.

  • Kirsten says:

    According to Voguepedia…

    Florence-based shoemaker Salvatore Ferragamo patented his new wedge heel, an invention born out of necessity. Following Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia in 1935, cobblers’ raw materials, such as metal to support the heel, were difficult to come by. This inspired the shoemaker to fill in the space between the heel and ball of the foot; he had great success doing so with Sardinian cork.

  • Lesia says:

    According to Wikipedia and Voguepedia, Heidi J’s reply is the right one and I would have submitted essentially the same answer if you let your readers do it blindly the way you did in your first few giveaways. But now that I see that she’s posted something so similar to what I was planning to post, I feel funny doing it without giving her credit for getting to it first; with the deadline being today I thought I’d have plenty of time. Not sure whether this answer will qualify or disqualify me for the draw; they’re such lovely shoes I hope that I’m still in.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Hi Lesia, I know. I changed the plug in so the comments would appear right away because people really seemed to want to see their comments right away. I don’t think it really matters so much for the quiz because the answers are so easy to Google anyway. The purpose of the quiz is just to put an interesting or fun fashion fact into all of our brains… But you totally qualify and I’m hoping that you win one of these! My kids are picking so I don’t have any control.

  • Ginny in Texas says:

    Oh! My size. And not the same as the Birkenstocks I wear every day…
    Ferragamo invented them. 1936, though another article said 1938. Wedges were destined for comfort. And comfortable shoes are a good thing.

  • Heidi J says:

    Oh, and it was in 1936.

  • Heidi J says:

    Salvatore Ferragamo (though supposedly the original really goes back to the Greeks).
    Due to economic sanctions imposed by the League of Nations on Mussolini’s fascist regime, materials are scarce. Salvatore Ferragamo experimented with alternatives. Introduces the “wedgie,” or wedge heel, made from Sardinian cork or wood.

  • bonnieloy says:

    Gorgeous shoes and my size! I have to try to win these…Salvatore Ferragamo in 1936. From what I’ve read, he was an innovative shoe designer and had comfort in mind when he created the wedge.

  • ajdillinger says:

    Salvatore Ferragamo in 1936 (patented in 1937), in order to provide more support to the foot.

  • vicki says:

    i could google that and get you the answer, but i’m about burnt out on the computer for this week, so instead i’ll offer this tidbit. i work in a crummy dirty auto auction…it’s what i hope and pray pray pray is a temporary gig…i ended up here when i lost my wonderful great paying job to our 2nd great depression a few years back. anyway, somehow i can’t get out of the habit of “dressing up” for work, and the grubby guys i work with got into a conversation about that the other day, and that led to another discussion of how women dress and the things they do that they think impress men, but that actually men can’t stand….and one of those things they ALL agreed on was WEDGES. hahahaha. They told me they look “clunky” and do nothing for a woman’s legs. What they really LOVE to see is a plain old heel on a chic…not a sky-high, you know the the kind we used to wear that you couldn’t breat a leg falling off of? One of the others, that sort of suprised me, was nail and toe polish…..reason? Because then a chic won’t “do anything” because she’s afraid she’ll chip her polish. So much for “fashion”. Live and learn, eh?
    (ps.even so, the shoes you showed in this blog….awesome!….ha)

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Thats so interesting, Vicki. At least at your job you’re doing a little guy research. Hope you find a job you love soon!

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