Good-bye, Gamine! It’s been sweet!

Gamine – Day 31

Congrats, Bonniejoy!  You are the winner of the wedge heels!


The answer to the question, “Who invented the wedge heel?” is Salvatore Ferragamo.  He invented them in 1938 and used cork for the heel since metals were scarce because of war.  I found reading about Ferragamo’s rise to fame to fascinating (born in 1898, made his first shoe at the age of nine!) and I love the fact that his children are still running the company today.  Oh, and I LOVE his kids names — Fiamma, Giovanna, Fulvia, Ferruccio, Massimo and Leonardo…  All I have to do is say those names and suddenly I’m wearing really great shoes and strolling the streets of Florence eating gelato.

On another fashion note, it is the last day of August which means it’s my last day of Gamine!  Gone are the days of sweater sets and espadrilles!  Gone are the days of poorly executed ponytails and pearl earrings!  Gone are the days of trying to mimic French insouciance while standing in line at Costco!

Ultimately, Gamine is too nice of a look for me.  And I don’t mean nice, as in fancy, I mean nice, as in, it’s a style meant for nice people.  Even more specifically, sweet people.  And I’m just not that sweet, really, ask anyone.  And that’s okay because I’m not really going for sweet.  There are other adjectives I’m more interested in attaining — kind, generous, thoughtful, smart, funny, interesting… but sweet?  Homecoming queens can keep that one.


I am not this sweet.

But as with all my months, I’ve managed to take away something really valuable from Gamine — just like Sporty Chic taught me that I could reveal more of my legs than just my ankles and my month of Maxi Dresses taught me how incredibly easy and comfortable it is to wear a dress around all day — Gamine taught me about hats.  And I don’t mean the newsboy hats that I tried and failed with, but sun hats.


A cute sun hat is thing to behold.  It transforms a boring outfit into something great.  It dresses up a sloppy outfit and makes an already dressy outfit fun.  Oh yeah, it also keeps the sun off your face.  Why I spent my entire life wandering around outside with a baseball cap on is a mystery to me.  Those days are over.  I am all about the chic sun hat now.


Which I think is sooooo sweet.

By the way,  tomorrow is a whole new look and all I have to say is… be afraid… be very afraid…


  • bonnieloy says:

    I am so excited!! Shocked, really. I started reading your blog a few months ago and keep coming back because I’m trying to develop my style, as well, and love your writing. I share your humor but lack your ability to articulate it! It’s because of you I recently read Anne Sexton’s daughter’s book which I enjoyed but didn’t quite finish (I stopped at the therapy session she had as an adult where she recalled the memory from the 7th grade involving her mom—I felt sick and had to stop :-)). Thank you for choosing me as your winner and thank you for your blog (the funniest entry was the one about the weirdos at Costco—I even made my husband read that one). It always makes me chuckle.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      You’re welcome! I will email you to get your address. Thanks so much for supporting my blog and congrats on trying to develop your style! Go for it!

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