I interview a Gamine style expert…

Day 11 – Gamine


Hoping to get inside the mind of a Gamine, I interviewed my daughter, Emerson, on the subject of style, innocence and how to dress girly.

Me:  So, Emerson, tell me about your Gamine style.

Emerson:  What?

Me:  Your Gamine style.

Emerson:  My what?

Me:  The style you’re wearing is called Gamine style.  It means an innocent and child-like look – you know, the scarf, gloves, a little dress…

Emerson:  Oh. Well, I just find stuff that’s fancy that I like and I wear it.

Me:  Does being an innocent, young girl help achieve the innocent young girl look?

Emerson:  Definitely.

Me:  On what occasion do you wear gloves?

Emerson:  If it’s cold or there’s a party.  Yesterday, I wore gloves to the feed store.  Any time, really.

Me:  What advice would you give future Gamines?

Emerson:  Follow your fashion dreams.  Pink helps.

Me:  Pink helps what?

Emerson:  Pink helps everything.

Me:  Have you always been this fashionable?

Emerson:  No.

Me:  Really?  I think you’ve always looked so stylish.

Emerson:  No, because when I was a baby you dressed me.

See what I’m up against?  I’ve got to find my style before this girl hits high school or I’m doomed…


  • Bo says:

    She is so adorable! love her!!

  • alice says:

    I love this interview! And your daughter looks awesome.

  • Angela says:

    She looks AWESOME!

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      She really does, I have to say! And those poses! Where did she come up with them??? I could take a few pose lessons from her.

  • Juliana says:

    Oh.em.gee. She’s totally nailed Gamine. Totally. (And should I be weirded out that I’ve worn those same shoes all summer long and I’m in my 30s??)

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Emmy is totally gamine, isn’t she? She wears stuff like that every day! And she never takes those espadrilles off. She even wears them with her bathing suit. I’d take a pair of them in my size too.

  • Vildy says:

    Oh this was great! I really did laugh out loud at her complaint that she couldn’t be stylish as a baby because you dressed her! A Gamine through and through, eh.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Totally! I really laughed when she said that because it’s so true. I used to dress her in her brother’s old clothes because I thought they were so cute and could work for either a boy or girl. As soon as she could speak she said stop! Get me some fancy clothes!

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