Another day, another field trip…

Arty Slick – Day 18

As much as I loved my Arty Slick outfit yesterday at the museum was about as much as I hated the outfit that I wore to chaperone my son’s field trip today.


I woke up late this morning (7:15) and had about forty-five minutes to do the following — open up the chicken coop, feed the pig, feed the goats and take them to their pen, feed dogs and cats, make four lunches, get kids awake, feed kids breakfast and get kids ready for school… oh, and take a shower, find some stunningly wonderful outfit, put on make up and look runway ready!

Where was my husband for all this you ask?  Well, it was his birthday today so he was sitting on the couch sipping coffee and playing the ukelele.  I kid you not.  What can you say to someone on their birthday?  You cannot.  You can only think what you’d like to say on their birthday and instead you just say, “Happy Birthday, my darling ukelele playing coffee sipping husband.  Please just sit there and enjoy the floor show called, ‘Watch your wife run around like a crazy person.”

So the “beautifying” part of my morning took about eight minutes, including shower.  I want to enjoy my outfits, not endure my outfits and this was an outfit to endure.  I just threw on something black and a chunky necklace and ran out the door.  Sure, black wasn’t a great choice considering we were going on a field trip a California mission in ninety degree heat, but did I think of that as I was running out the door dropping an open bag of Pirate’s Booty on our porch?  No, I did not.

I thought about how much I hate the song, “Little Grass Shack” — the song my husband was playing as he casually watched the Pirates Booty blow across our lawn…




  • Kirsten says:

    I like this outfit except for one thing – I think you need to try some skinny pants. Those flared legs are just too dated.

  • Olivine/Opal says:

    I hate those kinds of mornings. You never quite feel like you catch up with the day. I have to tell you, I bought that Lucky Guide to Style you referenced because I was curious. I always thought I was mainly boho but turns out I am a California Girl. So you’re blog is not only entertaining, but informational. :)

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Wow, that’s great that you found you were California Casual. In some ways I think I am too — except for the string bikini. I love that look though. So glad I could help!

  • Angela says:

    haha! polyester satin doesn’t feel all that great when you are sweaty. At least you looked pulled together, even though it was a facade. :)

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Thanks! I was sweating like a pig. really. It was so unpleasant. When I finally got home and put on shorts and a t-shirt I almost cried.

  • AvantScarred says:

    Actually, I like the outfit. Probably one of my favorite arty slicks. You never like what you’re wearing after a morning like that. Hope the rest of your day goes better.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Thanks so much! The rest of my day was much better. Field trip great, then the kids and I took my husband out for sushi and ice cream. Although I did change out of this outfit for sushi. I couldn’t stand wearing it anymore… it was all sweaty and clingy.

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