An Avant-Garde makes a switch…

Avant-Garde – Day 13

It’s official.  I’m switching this month to Arty Slick.  I’d hate to say I’m an Avant-Garde quitter, but it’s just far too impractical for me.  I’d be doing it more for a joke than anything else and that kind of defeats the purpose of my blog, which is to find styles that can actually and practically work for moms.  Besides, I feel like I’ve only hit the mark on Avant-Garde once this month and that was on the first day.


This entire Avant-Garde outfit is still at the dry cleaners…

I know there are Avant-Garde moms out there — Bjork is a mom, for example.


But she is also an internationally known singer so I think the whole Avant-Garde thing fits her lifestyle better than mine… you know me, who lives on a farm and if I wore a bird dress around our property I could actually be attacked by a coyote or taken away by a hawk.


So in the interest of ensuring my children still have a mother, I am switching to Arty Slick.  It’s still not an easy style.  It’s a lot of black… a lot of dry cleaning and a lot of big, pointy jewelry.

But I think I can do it.  So that’s my big decision for the day.  I consider it my “Syria.”



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