The best Mom jewelry ever…

Arty Slick – Day 16

Arty Slick totally wins in the mom jewelry category — it’s striking, it’s sturdy and it’s cheap.  It literally makes an outfit.  The closest jewelry I can compare it to is Mod, but where Mod jewelry can backfire and send you spiraling into “Mrs. Roper land“, Arty Slick jewelry always manages to stay cool and edgy.  Here are four of my favorite pieces this month —


This is the most expensive necklace I bought.  I got it for seventeen dollars at a consignment store. I absolutely love it and have to stop myself from wearing it constantly.  I even wore it at the gynecologist today.  As I was stripping down for the examination, I thought, why not keep it on and add a little bling to the dreaded paper gown?  I just hope I didn’t send any mixed signals to the doctor.


This necklace gets the most compliments.  I got it at Target on clearance for four dollars.  I have never ventured into the Target jewelry section before just assuming it was all cheap crap, but how wrong I was.  Cheap yes, crap, not at all.  Run, don’t walk, to this section next time you’re there.


Gold jewelry to me is kind of tacky and fake gold jewelry is like something you get out of a vending machine at a pizza parlor.  But I really like this necklace.  I wear it with a really large gold bangle (both purchased at Target on clearance) and always get compliments.


Also gold, also on clearance for five dollars, also really cute…


This last necklace I got at Target and since it’s a chain, it’s borderline Rock and Roll jewelry.  I haven’t worn it that much because for a while I couldn’t find it.  Then I discovered that August had put it in the yard because he was using it as a lasso.  If this had been an expensive piece of jewelry I would have gotten upset, but since this necklace is so sturdy and so cheap, I just let him keep playing with it… which he did, and continues to do every day like it’s the best Christmas present he’s ever gotten.


It’s for this reason that I crown Arty-Slick jewelry the best mom jewelry ever.  It’s inexpensive jewelry that gives you a moment’s peace…

…which is priceless.


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