The Best and Worst Dressed Places on Earth…

Arty Slick – Day 28

Congrats, Angela!  You are the winner of this shirt!


My question was, “What are the best and worst dressed places on Earth?”  And according to your comments, you can wear this fabulous shirt in the following best dressed places

Italy, Cape Town, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Paris and any place by the beach.

And in this fabulous shirt, you should also avoid these worst dressed places

Australia, Appalachia, any place hot (that’s not by a beach) and a German tourist.   That’s right.  German tourists landed a spot on worst dressed places on Earth.  Apparently, Germans dress just fine on their home soil, but as soon as they hop on a Lufthansa flight, style takes a vacation.


It’s funny because I always thought American tourists looked the worst.  Whenever I’ve been in Europe I’ve always been aghast at the clothing choices Americans wear abroad.


And I’ve always been secretly and rather smugly satisfied by the fact that whenever my husband and I have been in Europe, we’re always mistaken for Germans.  It has quite often happened that people have just walked up to us and started speaking German.  It happened so much on one trip that it became a running joke and we started calling each other Otto and Olga.  And each time it happened, I would be thrilled and think, Awesome! We’re obviously not dressed like tacky Americans.  People think we’re cool German tourists! 

I must admit, it was a fashion straw I was clinging to.   I just had to drop it.


  • Jenn says:

    Anchorage was voted the least fashionable US city I think last year. When we moved here a few months ago my husband and I agreed it didn’t seem THAT bad. Then he recently travelled back to Seattle and told me that it might as well been LA because of how fashionable and groomed everyone looked compared to here. LOL. I guess our 3 week road trip up exposed us to it so gradually we didn’t notice.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      I can imagine Anchorage being pretty bad. There’s so much cold weather. It’s all about warmth and comfort, right? Or maybe people there have just given up!

  • Rebecca says:

    Nope, disagree. My small-ish town in Ontario, Canada is pretty bad for fashion. Lots of mom jeans, worn-out yoga pants (complete with holes in bad places), exposed underwear, UGGS, flip flops and “wife beaters” seem to rule the runways up here. UGH.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Really? I had no idea Ontario was not know for fashion. I really don’t like Uggs though. I’m glad to see them sort of going away…

  • lbtepa says:

    long-time reader, huge fan, first-time commenter – from Australia!! (now thinking about how we dress here compared with how the locals were dressed when we were in Florida….! hmmmm)

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      Hi Australia! Hope you weren’t offended. I have never been to Australia (although I’d love to go) so I can’t say from experience my take on Australian fashion. But I am from Florida and I tend to agree with you on that! I’m from Miami where I think that people dress kind of cool — thanks to the Cuba influence — white linen and pretty dresses. It almost looks like Brazil to me. But the rest of Florida could use some fashion help. No one is taught fashion in America so we’re all just flailing around (me included.)

      • lbtepa says:

        not offended at all :) I live in a country town – no fashion mecca here! We spent most of our time in Florida in the Keys and Disney world – perhaps not representative of your home state! :P I love pretty much all the outfits you’re trying – I think you have a really good eye

        • My Year of Fabulous says:

          Thanks so much! You know, it’s funny. I kind of regret asking the question, what’s the worst dressed place? I know that everyone is doing their best and most people (like me) are kind of lost when it comes to fashion. So I don’t want to point fingers and mock, you know? We’re all trying. I did like asking the question, What’s the best dressed place? Because that’s more inspirational.

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