Can you say Fashion Challenge?

Arty Slick – Day 27

Today’s prize?  One of my Arty Slick shirts —


Here I am in it —


It’s a brand by the name of Zoa, New York.  I like that “New York” is added to the label.  It’s a good reminder of how gullible the fashion industry thinks most of America is.  Do they think we’re going to look at the label and whistle, “Gol-ly!  This shirt’s all the way from Neeeeew Yooooork!  I better get me three or four of them!  Don’t never know when the train is gonna come back with more fancy get-ups from the big city!”

Even so, it’s a great shirt.  Sized medium.  Perfect for fall.

And the question?  It’s another two-parter and there’s no right answer.  I’ve looked online all over the place for a definitive answer and found nothing concrete.  So this is really more of an opinion question.  I would like to know your opinion.

What is the best dressed country (or city) in the world?  And why?

What is the worst dressed country (or city) in the world?  And why?

Maybe you’ve traveled somewhere and thought, Wow, everybody looks so great here.   I know I’ve felt that way in Peru.  Even in parts of Africa I thought people were dressed so  beautifully.  And maybe, just maybe, America isn’t the worst dressed place in the world.  Maybe there’s a sloppier country out there somewhere and I’d love to hear about it (poor sad, countries not included, of course.)  It has to be a country that could try harder, but for some reason it doesn’t.  And if it is America (which it probably will be), then why, oh, why do we do it?

You have all the way until Saturday night!  Can’t wait to see your answers!  Good luck!











  • loving-the-light says:

    I think the best dressed city is somewhere by the beach where people are either in swimsuits or dresses. It’s so free and fun that you can’t help but join in.

    The worst dressed place again I don’t have a specific city would be Taylor Camp (on kauai), it doesn’t exist anymore but mostly they were naked or wearing rag type things… that’s pretty self explanatory

  • Lauren says:

    Best-dressed: Cape Town, South Africa. You know how you hear that America is x-number of years behind Europe’s fashion trends? Apparently they hit South Africa before America. I was there in 2006 and EVERYONE was wearing scarves or pashminas of some variety. It was several years before the scarf-with-everything trend came to America, but I had to laugh that I’d seen it before. Beyond that, though, everyone looked so polished, so sleek, and yet so effortless. We did a little shopping while there, and the men’s clothes were very cool and simple, yet tailored and not shlumpy. My husband’s favorite belt came from a store there for about $12!

    The worst-dressed area of the world (unless you are going into third-world country territory, which I won’t), has to be Appalachia. I lived for just under a year there after getting married, and it was a new experience…Carhardts were considered trendy and nice enough for everyday wear. Camo was the norm, and no, it wasn’t cool or stylish. Baseball caps, stretched-out t-shirts, work boots; I almost forgot what it was like to want to look stylish, polished, or any other variant of “nice”. (It made me feel out of place.)

  • Angela says:

    Hmm I’m going to say Italy for best I’ve seen – pretty simply dressed, but they looked good.

    Worst is Germany. I haven’t even been there, but when I was in Italy and would see someone who made me stop and think, “what on earth are they wearing? Who would put those things together and leave their house??” It was a German tourist. Not even sloppy like Americans, just… weird and awful.

  • Ginny in Texas says:

    Paris was the best I’ve seen. Everyone cared about their clothes.
    For worst, I would have to say anyplace hot. Dressing so your skin doesn’t melt off your body precludes any fashion sense.

  • Angela says:

    For best, I would guess United Arab Emirates. There is a lot of money and status consciousness there.
    For worst, I would actually say Australia. Yes, there are the city slickers who have their pulse on looking attractive, but most of the country is full of ordinary people who wear some pretty funny get-ups.

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