The first sign of Autumn…

Avant-Garde – Day 10 

Is it the last apple to fall from our tree?

Is it a chill in the air?

Is it the wind blowing a swirl of golden leaves around?

No!  For me the first sign of Autumn is the arrival of the CINNAMON BROOMS AT THE GROCERY STORE!


You can keep your bag of scented pinecones.  You can keep your pumpkin spice candle.  You can keep your recycled coffee fire log because nothing fills your house with the artificial scent of autumn like a cinnamon broom.


Here I am, dressed in Avant-Garde (really more Arty Slick again), about to enter my house and make it a place I’ve always wanted it to be — magical and inviting with fresh cider on the stove, a warm fire in the wood stove and lots of laughter and song.


Uh, I think I might need more cinnamon brooms…


Comments? Fire away.