Who let the dogs out?

Arty Slick – Day 26

I’m so sorry to have to start a post with a tired, cliched song, but I couldn’t resist.  I found the best PMS t-shirt ever at Forever 21 and wanted to share it —


It’s the polar opposite of Gamine, isn’t it?  No worries about creepy men hitting on me at Costco with this shirt on.  I also had two teenage girls tell me how much they loved my shirt.  And really, in trendy fashion, is there no higher compliment than that of a teenage girl?  Here’s the whole outfit —


I got the pointy half boots at a thrift shop for eight dollars and the jacket and scary dog t-shirt at Forever 21 at their usual dirt cheap-clothes-made-in-a-sweatshop prices — together they both cost me about twenty dollars.

The only thing is… I’m not sure what style I’m wearing!  Arty Slick?  Rock and Roll?  Rabid Dog Lover?  Any guesses?





  • johnny vee says:

    It’s much more than Rock and Roll. It’s PUNK, extremely angry, in-your-face, Rock and Roll. You should do a month of Punk and/or Goth, but you might need some piercings (Safety pins thru your upper lip? Just kidding.).

    It’s a great look. If your pic was a poster at a club announcing an upcoming show, I would stand in line for a ticket. Seriously, you look like a warm-up act for the Ramones.

  • Rochelle says:

    Looks like rock and roll and you’re rocking it!

  • rednalgne says:

    Well, maybe the Coalition To Unchain Dogs would be interested in this style as part of their unchained fashion look.

  • Megan says:

    You look great! I think if you were wearing a tailored pant instead of jeans it would be arty slick. The jacket contrasts nicely with doggy shirt. The shirt is hilarious, I can’t wait to hear about the reactions, especially when it’s pick up time from school- you might scare a small child or a teacher. To me it’s more comical though.

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      I did have to button up the jacket when I picked up August from preschool. I didn’t want to scare the children — or the other moms for that matter!

  • Rebecca says:

    I would call it totally awesome style, or super fun….not sure it needs an actual style. I LOVE IT!!!!

  • AvantScarred says:

    If you think about it, arty slick and rock and roll are two sides of the same coin. They both have that rebel feel, that in-your-face confidence that makes an odd outfit look trendy. (Maybe that’s why rock stars date models?) But rock and roll has the anger element and arty slick’s more cool. So I think the angry dog puts you into rock and roll territory. (The cool stare of the jag tee earlier this week was arty slick — no hot anger, just that aloof stare.)

    Gosh, this is just so much fun!

  • Lesia says:

    Rock and Roll!

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