The making of a really bad outfit…

Avant-Garde – Day 8

Start with a really hot day — 93 degrees at least.

Have your child’s soccer game be on a treeless sunscorched field at noon.

Convince yourself that black would not be the best color to wear for this occasion.

Then convince yourself that a beige, printed scarf blouse and Gamine hat can be transformed into a really cool Avant-Garde outfit with the simple addition of really big earrings.


Oh yes, I really did wear this all day… with confidence!

Next time I’m totally wearing all black and passing out from heat stroke.  Soccer moms have a bad enough reputation already.  I don’t need to make it worse with clothes like this.




  • Caren says:

    I like your Avant-Garde look! But me, I really would look like Mrs Roper – in fact that is a question I ask myself when I drift into flowy clothing – if Mrs Roper would wear it, I cannot.
    for your next project, check out Dressing Your Truth program, by Carol Tuttle, Four more months of four more types! I can’t wait to see you in each of them!

    • My Year of Fabulous says:

      You know, I always think of Mrs. Roper, especially with the big fake jewelry. I’ll check out Carol Tuttle! Never heard of her. Thanks so much!

  • Yvonne Beale says:

    You could probably get away with a parasol for Avant-Garde!

  • AvantScarred says:

    What would an avant-garde hat look like?

  • Vildy says:

    I wear a lot of black in summer. Hey, it works somehow for the Bedouins. My trick is to wear oversize, not caught anywhere such as at waist, cuffs, open loose neck.

  • Bo says:

    Reminds me of Mrs. Roper from three’s company…

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