Avante Garde – Day 11 and 12


Yesterday, I was a chaperone for my son’s field trip by bus (more on that later) to The Heirloom Seed Festival.  It was “fun” (no, it wasn’t) and “interesting” (not really), and very exhausting.  I am paranoid about watching my own kids at a big event and suddenly I found myself watching my children plus four other people’s children.


My head was constantly swiveling in all directions like a human bobble doll.  By the time me and the rest of the mom chaperones got off the bus we looked like we’d been dragged behind the bus rather than riding inside — which would have been an improvement for me because at least it would have been quieter.


This is why I fell asleep with my kids after reading them a story at eight o’clock last night and never woke up until this morning.  I slept sprawled on top of the covers all night in my Avant-Garde outfit in some kind of chaperone coma.  My husband tried to wake me, but I just mumbled something about how everyone has to use the buddy system in the bathroom and fell back asleep.


This is also why I didn’t post yesterday.  I was going to write something after the little ones went to bed.  I was also going to clean the house, read InStyle magazine and watch a movie.  Oh, and have a glass of wine.  Or even better, a margarita if we still had some mix in the fridge.  These are all things I dreamt of doing while I was on the loud screaming bus.


I slept in this outfit…


What I was not going to do was fall asleep early and wake up with Avant-Garde jacket zipper lines on my face.  Which is what actually happened…



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