It’s a Proust Fashion Questionnaire!

Arty Slick – Day 22

Finally, I have another Proust Questionnaire to post!  By the way, if anyone is interested in being featured on my Proust Questionnaire day, please send me an email and we’ll make it work!

Today’s questionnaire has been completed by my dear friend, Ann.  I met Ann shortly after moving to Northern California and I was pretty freaked out and lonely.  I had two little kids (ages one and three) and I would spend my days wandering around parks hoping to talk to some other mom and make a connection.  It was kind of like going to a bar in the hopes of meeting a guy but without the alcohol and forgiving mood lighting.  I finally met Ann and she was so nice and so funny.  Really funny.  Like more funny than she realizes.  I then began to stalk her until she became my friend.  Ann, like me, has three children and they all happen to be friends, so fortunately, our lives will be forever intertwined.

Check out what Ann did on her Proust Questionnaire.  She gave two answers — a “wishful thinking” answer and a “real answer.”  I just love that.  It is so real.  How many of us spend our days dreaming of how we wished we look rather than focusing on all the awesome things we currently have?  Thanks, Ann!  You always inspire me!

The Proust Fashion Questionnaire – Ann

WA = the Wishful (thinking) Answer I would like to give.

RA = the Real Answer I have to give.

What is your greatest fashion fear?

WA: I don’t feel fearful of fashion. It’s just a matter of how you put it all together.

RA: Putting together and outfit that I think looks fabulous, and by the end of the day — after a bunch of strange looks — I realize I look ridiculous. (This happened to me with great regularity as a teenager. It would probably still be happening to me now if I took more time to look in the mirror and still cared about strange looks.)

Which historical fashion figure do you most identify with?

WA: (Well-known fashion figure), ( well-known fashion figure), and (well-known fashion figure). They make no apologies, and each exudes his or her own eclectic style. They know how to contrast, and when and where to use cuffs and collars.

RA: I googled “historical fashion figures,” and found many names I do not know. I recognized Ralph Lauren, but that’s more my husband, Ed’s, style than mine. So, I guess I’m picking Katherine Hepburn. Her style is confident, pants, and proud. 


What are you wearing in perfect fashion happiness?

WA: A jaunty hat, pearls, stylish skinny pants*, and a drapy silk shirt, plus 2 ½-inch heels that completely rock the look.

RA: Warm weather: dressed up flip-flops (Dansko w/a 1 ½-inch heel), t-shirt with a printed pattern, capris or Bermuda shorts.  Cold weather: two layers of shirts, down vest, (not mom) jeans w/stylish boots (1 1/2 –inch heel).

*Skinny pants are in fact super out-of-the-question do to the “physicial trait” question below.

What physical trait do you most deplore in yourself?

WA: My impossibly skinny, long legs.

RA: Hips. They’re wide. In skinny pants, you could grab me by the torso and spin me like a top. My calves are nothing to trifle with either. Though I will say, “deplore” is a strong word, and at 45 I really don’t spend much time on that emotion with regard to my body anymore.


On what occasion do you lie about your appearance?

WA: I never lie about my appearance!

RA: I never lie about my appearance! Anymore! What’s the point? My hair is way gray underneath the color and highlights, and I have cellulite – front and back.

What is your greatest fashion regret?

WA: Honestly, I try not to regret anything. Should I have worn the tall boots instead of the short with my chiffon floral A-line skirt to my sister-in-law’s baby shower? Maybe. Yet, I believe you can be the queen of fashion in any outfit, if you wear it like you mean it.

RA: Too many to count. I wore a uniform for school K-12. Fashion and appearance were pretty low on my mom’s priority list (which I actually now consider a redeeming quality), as evidenced by the homely-girl hairdo I wore for years. Two plastic barettes on the side and a ridiculously long ponytail at the nape of the neck.


My two older brothers were not much help in the fashion department either, but my younger bro (gay) really did try to help. How I wish I’d listened. My dad’s preferred style was called Cheap. You can get it at garage sales, yard sales, and outlet malls. Even if you can afford a style called Cool, the style called Cheap is much more satisfying, in his opinion. In short, poor me had no external inspiration and apparently not much internal either. So I’m a work in progress forever with regard to fashion.

I am tired of Wishful Answers, so from here on out it’s just the Real me….

What outfit were you the most happiest in?  Tan dittos, my Mr. Bill t-shirt, and rainbow suspenders (Mork-style) on the way to a birthday party at the roller rink. And let me just say, I wore it like I meant it. And really, rainbow anything and roller skates would definitely make me feel like I was on my game. A show of support for my awesome gay brother? I did wear it with pride.


What is your most treasured fashion possession?  In my early 20s, I wore this fitted greed vintage dress with a faded plaid pattern that I absolutely loved.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Okay, I have to do one more.

WA: I wouldn’t change a thing. I love myself, flaws and all.

RA: Hips and thighs, whittle ‘em down a bit.

What is your most marked physical characteristic?  Dimples.

What type of clothing do you most like to see on a man?  Tophat and tails. Rugged outdoorsy. Classic.  I think it’s about the man and how he wears his style, but I do appreciate a guy who makes an effort (unless it’s with a white sweater of any kind).


What type of clothing do you most like to see on a woman?  I just really admire women who have developed their own unique style. I wish I could do that. Not everyone can wear certain things, like a wide hip belt with ruffled pants and tie-front boots, and pull it off. But this woman I admire, whoever she may be, can! She is so lucky.

Who are your fashion heroes in real life?  Katherine Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn has that fabulous gamine style too, that actually does make me want to wear a skirt once in a while lately. Thanks Holly!


What fashion trend have you most disliked?  I’ll answer this question with a question. Did we really need to bring back the 80s? That’s so cute for all the teens and 20-somethings walking around, but totally sad and not possible for those of us who have already lived it.

What is your fashion motto?  I just made one up for myself through this Proust adventure. Here it is:

“Wear it Like You Mean it!”


Comments? Fire away.